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Michael Ross

Anti "sweating" ordinance

On Wednesday, July 18, 2001, the Boston City Council moved one step closer toward adoption of an anti-sweatshop ordinance. The Council heard testimony from UNITE and other unions, anti sweatshop activists, and "faith-based" supporters, who called upon the City to take action.

Boston City Councilors Maureen Feeney, James Kelly, Francis “Mickey” Roache and Michael Ross have lead the City Council effort.

Among those heard from were three children from the Workmen’s CircleAlex Pryse, Marlie Wilson and Kayla Monks — who wrote their own testimony.

Democratic Socialists of America member Bob Ross of Clark University presented testimony based on his research and investigations of international sweatshops. Also testifying was Ben McKean, a senior at Harvard and a veteran of the Harvard Living Wage Campaign.[1]