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Michael McConnell

New New Deal: Making It Happen

Chicago's Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice organized a June 13 event entitled "A New New Deal: Making It Happen". at the Workers United Hall, 333 S. Ashland in Chicago.

This mini-conference has the long-term goal of promoting a wide-ranging multi-issue discussion of progressive solutions to the economic crisis and its root causes. OPCTJ hopes that this and other events like it will serve as catalysts in bringing together groups and individuals who are engaged in struggles for peace, equality, social and economic justice in order to collectively build a grassroots movement for comprehensive change.

Plenary speakers provided "updates on four urgent and ongoing campaigns": War and Militarism, Michael McConnell - American Friends Service Committee; Employee Free Choice Act, James Thindwa - Chicago Jobs with Justice; Single-Payer Health Care, Dr.Anne Scheetz - Physicians for a National Health Plan; Foreclosures and Mortgages, Elce Redmond - South Austin Coalition of Community Councils[1].

Responsibility to Protect

As at March 28, 2011, Michael McConnell served on the Steering Committee for Responsibility to Protect[2] The primary mission of the organization is to convince the American people and its leaders to embrace the norm of the responsibility to protect as a domestic and foreign policy priority. This "responsibility to protect" is defined by the organization as follows,[3]

"While sovereign Governments have the primary responsibility to protect their own citizens from such catastrophes, when they are unable or unwilling to do so that responsibility should be taken up by the wider international community ” with it spanning a continuum involving prevention, response to violence, if necessary, and rebuilding shattered societies."



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