Michael Kinnucan

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Michael Kinnucan

Michael Kinnucan is the "Research and Campaign Strategy for Labor Unions at Locker Associates Inc." according to his LinkedIn profile as of January 29, 2020.

Anna Kaplan

GOTV Coordinator for Anna Kaplan for State Senate, where he "[C]oordinated union and community support to get out the vote and unseat a Republican incumbent on Long Island," according to his LinkedIn account.[1]

Socialist Majority Caucus

DSA's Socialist Majority Caucus signatories list as of April 25 2019 included Michael Kinnucan of New York City Democratic Socialists of America.

Socialist Majority slate

Socialist majorityslate.PNG

New York City Democratic Socialists of America 2019 Socialist Majority slate for DSA national convention delegates.

A. Sen, Aaron Taube, Abdullah Younus, Abi Hassen, Adam E. Leeds, Andrea Guinn, Bianca Cunningham, Bruce Griffiths Cea Weaver, Charles Lenchner, Daniel Cheng, Daniel Lynch, Danya Lagos, Devin McManus, Emma Caterine, Frank Llewellyn, Itzhak Epstein, Jacob Appel, Jad Joseph, James O., Joe Demanuelle-Hall, John Schneider, Julian Graham, Jared Watson, Jasmin Oppenheimer, Jenny Zhang, Kevin Bohlmann, Leanna Ballester, Maia Rosenberg, Matthew Bond, Matthew Thomas, Michael Cavadias, Michael Kinnucan, Miriam Bensman, Nate Treadwell, Noah Weston, Osman Chaudhary, Paul Swartz, Phillip Henken, Renee Greene-Levitt, Renee Paradis, Sam Lewis, Stephen Maples, Susan Kang, Tyler Curtis, Tiffany Gong.

Endorsing Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams

The Case for Endorsing Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams (And How To Do It Strategically) was a letter Drafted by: Danya Lagos (CBK/Labor), and circulated among New York Democratic Socialists of America members in July 2018.[1]

CoSigners, as of July 23 2018 were: Michael Kinnucan.

NYC DSA Car Caucus

Members of the New York City Democratic Socialists of America DSA Car Caucus closed Facebook group, as of October 26, 2017 included Michael Kinnucan.[2]

"Wholesome Meme Stash"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Wholesome Meme Stash closed Facebook group, accessed November 14, 2017 included Michael Kinnucan.[3]

Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee

In March 2018 Michael Kinnucan was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee.

Election forum

Hudson Valley Democratic Socialists October 31 2018:


The election is over, now what? To answer this question, Hudson Valley DSA will host a forum assessing the outcome of the election and how the left can make a political impact over the next two years. Our chapter member Peter Frase will moderate a panel featuring:

Politics doesn’t begin and end on Election Day. To effectively organize for change, we need to know how and where to focus our efforts. If you’re ready to make change happen, this a forum you won’t want to miss!

The forum will be held at Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center from 11 am - 1 pm on Saturday, November, 10th. Attendance is open to anyone who shares DSA’s vision to build a New York for the many — not the few.

Doors open at 10:30 and guests are encouraged to arrive no later than 10:45 to assure seating.

For those who wish to join, a canvass promoting Medicare for all will be held afterward.

Faith Without Action

IDC Diaries December 17, 2017:

Faith Without Action Means Nothing For Vulnerable Immigrants

As you will hear from Padre Luis of Holyrood Episcopal Church / Iglesia Santa Cruz, faith without action means nothing for an undocumented woman named Amanda and her children who have taken refuge from ICE for the last 4 months. The seven or so DACAmented who were arrested at Sen. Schumer's office were also prayed for at the march following meeting.

During the march, I asked a DACAmented young man what he had to say about Sen. Chuck Schumer who seems to be willing to work with Trump in preventing a government shutdown without demanding the #DreamAct. He said, "Get rid of him."


On the #NoIDC front, we are mobilizing to ensure that we get rid of the #TrumpDemocrats who are preventing us from providing a basic sense of sanctuary for vulnerable immigrants like Amanda and the hundreds of DACAmented who are losing status as the days go by. #CleanDreamActNow New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City — with Samelys Lopez, Michael Cavadias, Philippe-Edner Apostol-Marius, Tiffany Wheatland, Michael Kinnucan, Mohamed Kaba, Tara Geer, Christopher Espinoza, Claire Ullman, Hawk Newsome, Susan LK, Marilyn Reyes, Nichole van Beek, Shannon S. O'Hara, Milton Allimadi and Julia Salazar.

Fundraiser for Julia Salazar

Winnie Wong June 9 2018:


Linda Sarsour and I are hosting a fundraiser for Julia Salazar. We hope you can come. We can use this opportunity to have an organizing meeting. Fundraising is very important. But organizing is much more important. — with Sophie EG, Sam Esther Adler-Bell, Linda Sarsour, Brea Baker, Moumita Ahmed, Gabriella Zutrau, Mary Clinton, Michael Cavadias, Susan LK, Ravi Ahmad, Audrey Sasson, Julia Salazar, Elana Levin, Maria Svart, Bianca Cunningham, Michael Kinnucan and Democratic Socialists of America.