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Megan Little is a Washington activist. Partner of Zachary Pattin.

Labor Notes: comrades in the Movement

Zachary Pattin April 9, 2018 near Rosemont, IL ·


Movement-building and organizing on a nationwide scale is a funny thing. You spend months and months on regular phone calls, emailing, messaging, tweeting, whatever, otherwise communicating through some indirect means and you build intensely durable and genuine relationships with people you’ve never actually met – but you know ‘em. You only know the sound of their voice and what they look like fro... See More — with Max Belasco, Kari Thompson, Joel Hertzog, Julia Symborski and Megan Little.

South Sound DSA comrades

Zachary Pattin · April 28, 2018 ·


Heck damn I love my comrades. 🌹 — with Devin Rydel Kelly, Eric Herde, Rosemary Cooke Windsor, Austin Hayes, James H. Williams, Debby Kellar Pattin, Megan Little, Tyler Rasmussen, Riley Woodward-Pratt, Tyler Brady and Nyef Mohamed.

South Sound DSA Secretary


Public Facebook group

Members of the Olympia Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook group, as of October 15, 2017 included Megan Little;[1]

South Sound Facebook public group

Members of the South Sound Democratic Socialists of America, public Facebook group, as of October 15, 2017 included Megan Little.[2]

DSA member


South Sound DSA, April 28, 2018;

With Austin Hayes, Megan Little and Tiki Tenants Organizing Committee.

DSA Secretary

Tacoma & Pierce County Democratic Socialists of America June 30 2018:

South Sound DSA Secretary Megan Little in Minneapolis today with other members and the National Education Association.

  1. abolishICE #joinDSA 🌹 — with Megan Little.