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Template:TOCnestleft Lord Megan Harrison is an Atlanta Georgia activist. She is a relationship with Daniel Hanley.

DSA member


Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America July 8, 2016:

Daniel Hanley, Megan Harrison, Misty Novitch (and maybe other DSAers I haven't heard about) joined the march last night called by Black Lives Matter, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Freedom U, and Rise Up to protest the latest police murders in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis. Megan served as a legal observer (in green hat)!

School of the Americas Watch

DSA at SOAW half.jpg

Carl Davidson, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism; Jim Skillman, Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America and Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism; Sarah Gollwitzer, Cleveland Democratic Socialists of America; MADSA members Steve Gill, Megan Harrison, Daniel Hanley and Travis Reid, at the Nov. 22 2015 vigil at the gates of Ft. Benning remembering victims of School of the Americas/WHINSEC graduates and demanding the school be shut down. Also in the crowd were MADSA members Adrian Bernal, Barbara Joye, Reid Jenkins, Ed Loring, Minnie Ruffin. [1]

Standing Rock


Megan Harrison, Facebook 19 December, 2016;

Thanks to all those who helped us travel to Standing Rock. We are close to the South Dakota border. Jim Fergie Chambers, Camryn Wright Chambers, Olamide Shabazz, JT Pennington, Amy Mei Willis, Oba Kunta, Daniel Hanley, Daniel'le DeVoss, Asia Parks, Naomi Tsu, Christopher Hollis, Katrina Croom, Jojo Hill, Gabriela Medina, Gabrielle Orum Hernandez, Elizabeth Taxel, Elizabeth Kelly, Tom Harrison, Valerie Harrison, Karen Harrison, Jen Simpson...

Campaigning for Fort


Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America, was out campaigning for Vincent Fort on October 16, 2017.

With Nate Knauf, Larry Pellegrini, Matthew Golden, River Grana, Megan Harrison, Krupesh Patel, Heather Marie Laveau, Josh Tuccio, Aaron Thorpe, Patrick Guinn, Matthew Wolfsen, Tyler Daws, Daniel Hanley, Barbara Landay, Bob Wohlheuter and Barbara Joye.

Defeating SB 452

Kate Shaps March 30 2018:

Yes we did! SB 452 is dead and done. Those good old boys couldn’t take the heat. Blessed are the defiant ones! Gnight!


Come Out Destroy Fear Unleash Power — with Olivia Celia, L.M. Harrison, Eshe Shukura, Tomas Martinez LA Voz, Jovan Julien, Ade Nicholls, Mary Hooks and Eztli Macehualli.

Facebook discussion group

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook group, as of April 23, 2018, members included Megan Harrison.[2]



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