Megan Faye Barnhurst

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Megan Faye Barnhurst


According to Theresa Nielson October 12, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT - 70 students and community members gathered to support the local chapter of New Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) of the University of Utah, Oct. 6, to raise money for the SDS National Convention in Santa Barbara, California.

The fundraiser was held at Diabolical Records with live music from individual musicians and popular local bands such as Baby Ghosts. Raffle prizes comprised of books donated by the FRSO and Ken Sanders Rare Books, art prints from local artists, gift cards, and DIY crafts made by local SDSers.

“Being able to network and connect with other organizers is vital to the success of our efforts as activists. Going to the national convention to meet with other SDS chapters to review and revise our methods is incredibly important if we want to make a real, substantial change,” said Megan Faye Barnhurst, one of the hosts. The fundraiser was a success, raising $1100 that will go for travel to the convention.[1]