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Maya Funaro joined Memory Lane Music Group in 2011 as Director of Business Affairs. She previously worked for over a decade as a paralegal and licensing/copyright administrator with music business attorney M. William Krasilovsky. While working with Mr. Krasilovsky she assisted in the research and editing of the 9th and 10th editions of This Business of Music (by Krasilovsky, Shemel et al.).

She holds a BA from Brown University and an MFA from Hunter College.[1]

Dynamic Collective 2005

In 2005, the Collective running the Young Communist League magazine Dynamic, consisted of Shane Brinton, Cesar Casamayor, Melissa Chadburn, Julia Donahue, Maya Funaro, Cristina Gallo, Abdul-Aziz Hassan, Molly Kelley, Tony Pecinovsky, Kristy Ringor, Brandon Slattery, Mike Tyner, Keren Wheeler.[2]


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