Matthew Waddell

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Matthew Waddell

Matthew Waddell is a leading member of the Edinburgh Young Communist League.

CPB candidate

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In 2021 Matthew Waddell was the Communist Party of Britain candidate for the Lothian area where he was able to get an impressive 598 vote for the Communist Party. Waddell has highlighted the disgraceful housing situation in Lothian where the local council in West Lothian is currently in the process of selling off masses of council land to private property developers who have no interest in the housing situations of working class people. Waddell has also stood up for the the rights of Scots speakers supporting the Oor Vyce campaign which aims to protect the rights of Scots speakers across Scotland.[1]

YCL Central Committee

Edinburgh Young Communist League August 23 2021.

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Congratulations to our own Matthew Waddell and Daniel Roantree, who have been elected as members of the Central Committee at our 50th Congress👏

Edinburgh YCLers


Jakob Ingvardsen and Matthew Waddell.



William Paul Society April 30 2021.


…join us on May Day 6pm at a rally held by Communist Party candidates from across Britain. They will be joined by international speakers including Joao Pimenta Lopes, member of the Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party.

Speakers: Robert Griffiths (South East Wales), Judith Cazorla-Rodenas and Akira Allman (GLA London), Steve Handford (Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne), Andrea Burford (North Evington, Leicester), Markus Keaney (High Town, Luton), Aaron Andrew (Longsight, Manchester), Laura Picand (South West Wales), Catrin Ashton (Mid & West Wales), Claudia Cannon (West Wales), Daniel Lambe (Motherwell and Wishaw), Matthew Waddell (Edinburgh Lothian List), communist councillor Darren Turner (Tower, Bury St Edmunds) and international speakers. Chaired by Liz Payne.