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Matt Singer... is a Montana activist. An organizer and social entrepreneur, Matt founded National Voter Registration Day, Forward Montana, and the Alliance for Youth Action, working to build local youth power all over the country. As the founder of National Voter Registration Day, Matt built and managed a coalition of over 3,000 nonprofit organizations, businesses, and election administrators. The event repeatedly trended on social media; engaged a broadly inclusive coalition; and appeared on many of the largest media and technology platforms on the planet: MTV, Google, Reddit, and Tumblr. Through the Alliance for Youth Action (previously the Bus Federation) and its affiliates, Matt supported local organizing that passed the nation’s first automatic voter registration law and that also advanced key wins against mass incarceration and criminalization of youth, for LGBTQ equality, to expand investment in schools and housing, and to ensure equitable access to reproductive choice.[1]


Matt Singer has worked previously as a freelance writer, activist, and blogger. His activism includes ventures with the Montana Public Interest Research Group, the Montana Conservation Voters, the anti-tobacco movement, political campaigns and Forward Montana, a non-profit he co-founded to represent the youth of Montana. His writing has appeared in In These Times, AlterNet,,, and a number of blogs since 2002[2].

Progressive States Network

In 2009 Matt Singer was Communications Director Progressive States Network[3].

Portland DSA Facebook group

Members of Portland Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook page, as of September 24 2017 included Matt Singer.

Movement Voter Project Leadership

Movement Voter Project Leadership, as of January 24, 2018;[4]