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Visiting Lee

San Francisco native Brandon Lee continues to recover in a hospital in the Philippines after being shot multiple times four weeks ago, but he still needs protection and a way home, Supervisor Matt Haney said at a news conference August 2019.

Haney led an unofficial fact-finding delegation that spent a week in the Philippines after learning that Lee, 37, was shot outside his home Aug. 6 in the Ifugao province of the northern Philippines. Relatives and colleagues have accused the Philippine government of orchestrating the attack.

Lee, a U.S. citizen who has lived in the Philippines for a decade, is an activist who helps communities fight for indigenous and environmental rights and against government projects, including hydroelectric dams in revered natural areas.

Haney is among the people who suspect Lee’s shooting was an effort to silence him. During his visit, organized by a human rights organization in the Philippines, the supervisor met with politicians, activists, and friends and family of Lee.

“What is clear is he was the victim of an assassination attempt,” Haney said. “There is no question about that.”

Haney met with Lee in his room at Bagiuo General Hospital, about five hours north of the home where he lives with his wife and young daughter. Lee shares the room with five other patients, Haney said, along with the entrance to a public bathroom. Only family and friends are providing security for Lee, who has received some unknown visitors, said his aunt, Julie Lee of San Francisco.

Brandon Lee’s mother, Louise Lee, and brother, Aaron Lee, of San Francisco, are among those standing guard.

After being shot four times in the back and once in the face, and suffering eight cardiac arrests, Lee remains in critical condition, Haney said. But he is improving.

He can now breathe on his own, understand conversations and communicate by mouthing words, Haney said. However, he still has three bullets lodged in his body and is unable to move.

When he is able to be transported, Haney said, the Lee family wants to bring him back to San Francisco for treatment. In the meantime, friends and family want the U.S. embassy to provide security during his recovery.

An aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, said at a news conference that the congresswoman is “engaged in Brandon Lee’s case” and acknowledged that he was “targeted for his work fighting for human rights.”[1]

Matt Haney comrades


Van Jones, Alicia Garza, Lateefah Simon at Matt Haney for School Board Event August 4, 2016.

Rose Pak Democratic Club 2016 voter guide

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Rose Pak Democratic Club 2018 endorsements


Gordon Mar for City Supervisor of District 4, Matt Haney for City Supervisor of District 6, Rafael Mandelman for City Supervisor of District 8, Shamann Walton for City Supervisor of District 10.

LGBTQ leaders and allies

Rudy Gonzalez November 26, 2018.


LGBTQ leaders and allies standing together with Unite Here! Local 2 hospitality workers to demand #1job should be enough. #SFLabor #solidarity — with Timothy Paulson, Gabriel Haaland, Matt Haney, Kathe Burick, Kathryn Lybarger, Shanell Williams, Honey Mahogany, Rebecca Kaplan, Cleve Jones, Christopher Christensen and Jessica Etheridge.

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PL Tam, Jose-Luis Tekun Uman Meija, Matt Haney,