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Mary Ward is an Austin Texas activist.


  • Studied at University of North Texas
  • Went to Nimitz High School (Irving, Texas)

Beto connection

Mickey Fetonte September 6 2018·


With Joey Gidseg, Judy Holloway, Mary Ward and Beto O'Rourke.

Austin Democrats with Disabilities

Democrats with disabilities

Mickey Fetonte March 11 2018:


Mickey with Joey Gidseg, Haley Mack, Jere Locke, Danny Saenz, Elizabeth Gray, Jim Tourtelott, Raquel Voytowich, Nick Voytowich, Brett Cotham, Susan Cotham, Suny Ader, Mary Ward, Judy Holloway, and Steve Voytowich. He is taking the picture at the first ever American with disabilities caucus for Travis County. — with JA Stroup at Manchaca Road Branch, Austin Public Library.

Mickey Fetonte April 15 2018:


Austin Democrats with Disabilities 3rd group meeting with Rachel Lance, Dr Shirley J. McKellar, Jere Locke, Mary Ward, Jennifer McPhil, Robin Orlowski, Danny Saenz, Joey Gidseg, Diane Kearns, Dean Osterwell, Tawana Cadien, Judy Holloway, Mickey Fetonte, Faith Chatham, Nancy Crowther and Ruthie Lopez.