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Marvin Randolph is the country’s leading expert on Black voter mobilization. In 2012, as Senior Vice President for Campaigns for the NAACP, he was responsible for the This Is My Vote! program which succeeded in registering 375,618 voters of color. This was the most successful voter registration drive in NAACP history and one of the largest mobilizations of Black voters in the history of the United States. A nationally recognized expert in voter registration, voter contact and Get Out The Vote operations, Marvin has worked on over 120 campaigns in 31 states. He is the former National Director of Project Vote and former Organizing Director for the Center for Community Change.

Randolph is President and CEO of sister organizations, the Southern Elections Fund (founded by Julian Bond in 1969), and the Southern Engagement Foundation (SEF), co-founded by Bond and former NAACP President Benjamin Jealous. SEF is an organization that focuses on organizing people of color communities in the South.

As the leader of SEF, Randolph leads the organization’s efforts, working with national and state partners to combat voter suppression and accelerate the impact of the South’s rapidly changing demographics by expanding the electorate, developing new leaders of color, building long-term power and capacity to bring about progressive change. He was a key strategist and organizer supporting the Black voter turnout efforts in Alabama that resulted in the December 2017 upset victory of Doug Jones to the United States Senate.

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Marvin is a graduate of Old Dominion University where he received a B.A. in political science. He lives in Silver Spring, MD.[1]

Flipping Florida

In 2012, the NAACP, under the direction of then-President Benjamin Jealous and Senior Vice President Marvin Randolph, registered 375,618 voters, mostly African American, across the country. They registered 100,000 in Florida alone, in a year when Obama won the state by 74,000 votes. [2]

Midwest Academy board

In 2018 Marvin Randolph was Midwest Academy board member.

A nationally recognized expert in voter registration, voter contact and Get Out The Vote operations, Marvin has worked on over 120 campaigns in 31 states. Past work includes: Senior Vice President for Campaigns at the NAACP; Director of Organizing and Politics at the Center for Community Change; DNC Political Mail Consultant at the Baughman Company; Western Regional Political Director, SEIU; Southern California Field Director, AFL-CIO Labor ’98 Campaign; National Executive Director, 1994 Project Vote; and Managing Partner at Urbanomics Consulting Group. He is a long-time friend and supporter of the Midwest Academy.[3]

"The Alabama Opportunity"

From the Southern Elections Fund website;

Doug Jones has a very narrow path to victory that relies primarily on an increase in the Black vote. Jones will likely require 300K votes to win. This will likely require turnout of an additional 135k Black voters.
Mobilizing the Black vote in Alabama will require efforts from the people with deep roots in the community. Marvin Randolph, President and CEO of Southern Elections Fund, is the country’s leading expert on Black vote mobilization. He has worked on 120 campaigns in 31 states and organized the largest Black voter registration effort in history when the NAACP registered 400,000 Black citizens in 2012. His connections to Alabama extend back over 20 years, and Southern Election Fund is well-positioned to work with Alabama's community-based leaders to conduct an effective Black voter mobilization program.
DeJuana Thompson of Rubix Strategies is our Alabaman "boots on the ground" and long-term political professional who is running the operation from the local level.
To contribute by check, make payable to PowerPAC - SEF and mail to 44 Montgomery St Suite 2310 San Francisco, CA 94104. For wire transfers, please email[4]

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board members, as of January 24, 2018 included Marvin Randolph.[5]

Sandler Phillips Center Leadership

April 25 2018;


Southern Elections Fund, as of January 3, 2018;[7][8]



  • Marvin Randolph (President and CEO)
  • Damon M. Lipscomb (General Counsel and Director of Operations)
  • Ben Wrobel (Vice President for Communications and Development)


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