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Template:TOCnestleft Mark Sanchez is a San Francisco area activist.

"Social Justice in the Bay Area" open letter

An Open Letter to Men Committed to Social Justice in the Bay Area - Calling on Men in the Bay Area to Stand Up for Reproductive Justice.

Written by Rishi Awatramani and Chris Crass Friday Jan 14th, 2005.

On January 22nd, the right-wing anti-choice movement will be coming to San Francisco to shout their anti-human rights, anti-woman message in the streets. At this time when women's rights to abortion are being challenged by the Bush administration and questioned in the Democratic party, it is crucial that we as men join the sisters organizing in opposition to this right-wing march and say: REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE FOR ALL! [1]

Signatories included Mark Sanchez, San Francisco Board of Education Commissioner, Teacher .

Rose Pak Democratic Club 2016 voter guide

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Haney campaign

Matt Haney December 26, 2017


With Kia Kolderup-Lane, Tom Temprano, Gail Packwood-Seagraves, Matthew L. Steen, Angeles Roy, Dori Caminong, Liz Cermak, Mark Sanchez, Jordan Davis, Gloria Frances Rodriguez Hernandez, Erin Haney, Jane Kim, Sarah Souza, Shamann Walton, Tim Figueras, Rosario Cervantes, Elizabeth M. Cervantes, Fidel E. Cervantes, Sharen Hewitt and Evelyn Torres.