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Template:TOCnestleft Marion Johnson is a Durham, North Carolina activist. She grew up in Charlotte, NC, and is now a proud Durham resident. Before moving back to North Carolina, Marion worked in DC, specializing in work-family policy at the National Partnership for Women & Families. She holds an MPP from Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy, where she focused on economically vulnerable populations, and an honors BA in English from Wellesley College. She currently works in Raleigh as a policy analyst. [1]

2021 Durham For All endorsements

For the past few years, Durham For All has been laying the foundation for co-governance in Durham: a model where elected officials we power into office, social movement organizations, and community members work together towards a vision of a Durham and a North Carolina for all, guided by the liberatory values of our movement. The current multiracial governing alliance on the City Council has won real changes for communities of color and working people. Our victories include a $95 million municipal housing bond, the establishment of a participatory budgeting process, and the creation of a Department of Community Safety and Wellness.

But this governing alliance is in transition and at risk of losing strength. That is why Durham For All is endorsing people-of-color city council and mayor candidates rooted in the multiracial and cross-class movements of our time and committed to the Black, Brown, immigrant, and working-class communities of Durham. We believe all three of these candidates to be powerful and intelligent policy makers in the face of difficult issues like community safety, affordable housing, living wages, and more.

With that vision in mind, Durham For All endorses:

Durham People's Alliance 2016 board


The Durham People’s Alliance Board, 2016.

Vernetta Alston, Eric Boven, John Davis, Kendra Montgomery-Blinn, DeDreana Freeman, Dabney Hopkins, Marion Johnson, Melissa Norton, Destini Riley, Carl Rist, Lanya Shapiro, Ryan Smith, Sondra Stein, Sara Terry, Magan Thigpen, Tommie Watson

Durham People’s Alliance

Durham People’s Alliance board as of 2015;[3]