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Mario Savio was a California student leader.


Free Speech Movement leader Mario Savio leading student protestors at the University of California, Berkeley. Nov. 20, 1964.

Mario Savio was a student leader for the radical "Free Speech Movement" of the Early 1960's, a movement that set the tone for the image of UC Berkeley. Savio was featured in a documentary which "focused on UC Berkeley’s history of activism." [1]

Free Speech Movement

Mario Savio atop the police car holding FSM organizer Jack Weinberg via

The "Free Speech Movement took place at UC Berkeley from Sept. 10, 1964, through Jan. 4, 1965. [2][3] It was a "student protest...under the informal leadership of students Mario Savio, Jack Weinberg, Michael Rossman, Brian Turner, Bettina Aptheker, Steve Weissman, Art Goldberg, Jackie Goldberg..."

The FSM "was a struggle by students over the right to engage in political speech on campus, which helped to catalyze broader political activism on campuses around the country over student rights, civil rights and the Vietnam War."[4]