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Marina Anttile...

Labor Day call

The Communist Party USA paper People's Weekly World issued a statement to mark Labor Day 1995, entitled "We honor the dead and fight like hell for the living."

Of the more than 100 endorsers listed, almost all were identified members of the Communist Party USA.

Anttila of Portland, Oregon was on the list.[1]

Endorsed Communist Party Call

On March 30 2002 the Communist Party USA paper People’s Weekly World called for a national holiday in honor of late Farm Workers Union leader Cesar Chavez. The article was followed by a long list of endorsers[2]including Marina Anttila, Almost all endorsers were confirmed members of the Communist Party USA.

Birthday greetings to Gus Hall

The following contributors to the World 1996 Fund Drive sent birthday greetings to Gus Hall, national chair, Communist Party USA. People's Weekly World, 21 December, 1996 - Marina Anttila.


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