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Marie Choi is a Bay Area based mama, researcher, and radio producer. She has participated in workplace and community organizing since she was a high school student.[1]


Zoom in Korea, Contributors[2]

Woking Ed Lee

According to Alvina Wong and Marie Choi, of Asians 4 Black Lives in January 2016 Asians 4 Black Lives, a Bay Area group of Asian community organizers, held a community intervention in front of Ed Lee’s house to demand that he stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement. At 6 a.m., activists woke the mayor with drums and gongs. Five activists chained themselves to a table in front of his house, calling on him to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s radical legacy by coming to the table to join them in standing with Black Lives Matter, by terminating Police Chief Suhr and all officers involved in the murders of Mario Woods, Amilcar Lopez and Alex Nieto.

“From gentrification to police terrorism, there is a war on Black lives happening in SF and across the nation,” said Jasmin Hoo, Asians 4 Black Lives activist and SF resident. “As Asian Americans, we refuse to be complicit in the violence that Lee’s decisions have committed against our Black siblings. We are ashamed that the first Asian American mayor of SF is acting as a general in this war.”

“Piecemeal reforms – while the officers responsible for these unjust killings are still on payroll – are steps in the wrong direction. We are here today to demand Lee demonstrate that Black Lives Matter by acting on the community’s demands,” said Simmy Makhijani, Asians 4 Black Lives member and longtime SF resident. “As mayor of SF, it is Lee’s job to serve his constituents and ensure the safety of all SF communities by holding the police force accountable.”

Non-Black people of color have been bold and active allies of the Black Lives Matter Movement for over a year, first prominently involved on Dec. 15, 2014, in Shutdown OPD, when Asians 4 Black Lives chained themselves to one of the Oakland Police headquarters entrances for hours. Spreading these alliances nationwide will vastly enhance the chances for winning real justice.

“Ed Lee’s work as a civil rights lawyer, serving low-income communities of color, launched his political career. However, in his first term as mayor, he has turned his back on his constituents,” said Mabel Tsang of Asians 4 Black Lives. “We are here today to remind Lee of his history of activism. We invite him to join the people once again by terminating Chief Suhr and working towards a city that is equitable and livable for all.”[3]