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Maria Hadden

"Progressive agenda"

Chicago Democratic Socialists of America’s platform for the 2019 municipal elections–Housing for All, Sanctuary for All, Education for All, and taxing the rich to achieve these goals–was powerful because it built on years of organizing around clear demands in these areas.

Now that we have a City Council with six CDSA members and several other progressive allies, there’s an opening to reintroduce some key ordinances.

All of Chicago Democratic Socialists of America’s member candidates, as well as Maria Hadden (49th Ward), Matt Martin (47th Ward), Mike Rodriguez (22nd Ward), and Susan Sadlowski-Garza (10th Ward), were part of a press conference May 2019 with United Working Families and the Reimagine Chicago coalition, announcing their intent to push the below legislation during the first 100 days of their new term.[1]

Left Forum 2018

The Black and the Bern: The Rise of Insurgent Black Progressive Politics;

Solidarity Midwest Day School

The Solidarity Midwest Day School was held at People’s Church in Chicago on Saturday 28 July 2018. The event brought together about 50 people from Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee.

Ryne Poelker opened the meeting by observing that People’s Church had been targeted by developers and their political allies several years ago, but saved by a successful social justice campaign. T

Our Midwest Socialist Day School panel on taking power at the ballot box, with aldermanic candidates Ugochukwu Okere (40th Ward), Byron Sigcho Lopez (25th), Maria Hadden (49th), Bob Quellos representing Rossana Rodriguez (33rd) and Angela Clay (46th).

The final session, “Taking Power: Activists and the Ballot Box”, featured a panel of community activists who are running for office on the Chicago City Council: Angela Clay, candidate for 46th ward alderman and community activist; Maria Hadden, candidate for 49th ward alderman and community activist; Ugochukwu Okere, candidate for 40th ward alderman and DSA member; and Byron Sigcho Lopez, candidate for 25th ward alderman and DSA member. Also on the panel was Bob Quellos (DSA, 33rd ward Working Families), representing the aldermanic campaign of Rossana Rodriguez.[3]


Maria Hadden, a strong progressive candidate endorsed by UWF, handily defeated Joe Moore (who has shifted from being named the country’s “most valuable progressive” local official in the Nation in 2008 to a shameless bootlicker for Emanuel who once begged the mayor to let him help publicly spin the police murder of Laquan McDonald, the black teenager shot sixteen times by a Chicago police officer, in Rahm’s favor) in the city’s forty-ninth ward.[4]