Marge Frantz

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Marge Frantz

Marge Frantz was the daughter of Joe Gelders and the mother of Joe Gelders Frantz. Frantz has retired from teaching, but not activism, and lives with her partner Eleanor in Santa Cruz[1].

Communist Party

Born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1922, Marge Frantz is a lifelong activist. Introduced to radical politics and the Communist Party by her father, Joe Gelders, Frantz began her activism early, with the Young Communist League USA in 1935. Frantz's Party activity ranged from selling the Daily Worker on the New York City subway to organizing the Alabama delegation to the American Youth Congress[2].

When married, she and her husband Laurent Frantz were Communist Party USA organizers in the South and later in California[3].

Later activism

Although Frantz left the Party in 1956, her agitation far from ceased. She was an organizer for the United Electrical Workers, campaigned for Wallace, worked for Planned Parenthood, participated in the free speech movement in Berkeley, and became a stalwart of the peace movement[4].


After having four children, Frantz returned to college, graduating from Berkeley in 1972, and went on to a PhD from UC Santa Cruz, where she spent three decades as a teacher[5].