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SWP candidate

Helen Meyers, David Rosenfeld, Margaret Trowe

Iowa’s Socialist Workers Party had four candidates on November 2010 election ballot. David Rosenfeld the party’s gubernatorial candidate is a tire factory worker who ran for the Des Moines city council in 2009.

Helen Meyers an industrial worker is Rosenfeld’s running mate. She says Iowa needs to focus more on the needs of its workers.

Meyers says “Iowa legislators need to be building some of the facilities that we need as opposed to laying off teachers throughout the state and as opposed to closing many of the recreational facilities or shortening the hours of facilities in this state. The social services need to be expanded”.

Margaret Trowe was the party’s candidate for secretary of agriculture. Rebecca Williamson ran in Iowa’s 3rd congressional district against democratic incumbent Leonard Boswell and Republican challenger Brad Zaun.[1] .