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Maicol David Lynch is an Ohio member of the Communist Party USA.

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Maicol is the club organizer for the university-based Young Communist League chapter in Athens, Ohio known as “Club Frida Kahlo.” In addition to his activism and involvement in the Communist Party USA, Maicol has taught both History and Spanish at Ohio University in Athens and organizes and canvasses with Working America, the political affiliate of the AFL-CIO.[1]

The Specter!

What is The Specter? In this podcast, young organizers and activists of the Communist Party USA explore politics, social justice, and culture through the Marxist lens using scientific research, observation, and participation in working class movements.

Each week brings a race, gender, and class analysis that force a closer look at the dangers of capitalism and the immediate need for socialism. These organic, insightful and powerful conversations are held with comrades, influencers, and diverse local and national leaders.

Presenters include Maicol David Lynch, Susie Davtyan, Aleena Starks, Zach Carlson, Emma Smith, Molly Nagin, Cameron Orr.[2]

Cyprus and WFDY

The following are greetings given by Maicol David Lynch, CPUSA youth leader, at the World Federation of Democratic Youth general assembly meeting in Cyprus in December.

The Young Communists of the United States of America salute you in this time of revolutionary change and resistance! This particular gathering of the 20th general assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth in Cyprus is taking place precisely at a time that the youth of the United States of America, like in many other parts of the capitalist world, are facing a crisis. American capitalism has been intensified over the past three years as a result of the neo-fascist, anti-immigrant, anti-labor, and anti-people policies of the Trump administration.
For the past three years, our organization has stood firm against the policies of Trump and worked alongside young workers and students in the resistance who are growing more and more frustrated with the political situation and are looking for revolutionary alternatives.

In the midst of this year’s strike wave led by teacher and autoworker unions, our organization joined the picket lines and offered solidarity and support.
Inspired by Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, our country’s youth flocked to the polls a year ago to back candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib: women of color who pose a threat to Trump’s racist, anti-labor domestic policies and his imperialistic foreign policy to the point where they themselves, progressive Democrats, were red-baited this past July by being called “communists” and were later met with threats of deportation by Trump himself.
Progressive candidacies like these have motivated U.S. youth to search for more revolutionary and socialist alternatives to capitalism on the Left, which often brings them to the ranks of our organization. It is estimated by recent polls that as much as 40% or more of the U.S. millennial population believe that some form of socialism is better than the system we have right now. This number grows each day as youth realize that we need more than a temporary bandage on our problems both domestically and internationally. The march to the ballot box began last year, which resulted in the biggest defeat of the GOP in recent U.S. history, and is continuing.
The U.S. has entered a new political moment. The fight against the Trump administration is now centered on the impeachment hearings. Young Communists are working for what we call a “workers’/people’s and youth impeachment.” On campuses and in workplaces all over the country, young people are taking a stand against Trump by holding up banners at football games, stopping traffic, kneeling during the National Anthem, and so forth.
Our organization rallied with the masses of young workers and students for the international Youth Climate Strike in which we condemned global capitalism’s neglect to put people and planet before corporate profits.

In an effort to spread our organization’s influence and message, we established a podcast channel known as “The Specter,” which can be found on media platforms such as Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. The topics of this podcast series range from “A Communist Analysis of the Boliviarian Revolution” to “50 Years since the Venceremos Brigade in Cuba” to “Green Strategy: A Communist Analysis of Climate Change.”

Our organization will continue to rally young workers and students to our ranks while we focus our attention on the elections to come in 2020. We will mobilize the masses of young workers and students to register to vote and to educate others about the most pressing issues that are at stake in 2020, including universal healthcare, student debt forgiveness, the Green New Deal, and, of course, defeating Trump and the extreme right.
We will continue to circulate anti-imperialist petitions at our workplaces and college campuses calling on senators and representatives to stop all acts of aggression around the globe.
Young American workers and students are often categorized as “separate” from the masses of the industrialized workforce, which was defined by 20th-century standards. In 21st-century USA, the millennial workforce includes workers employed in Amazon warehouses and in department stores. It includes underpaid teachers, restaurant workers, and kitchen staff. It includes Uber and taxi drivers, construction workers, and call-center employees. Young people are often told to go to college to acquire “middle class” job occupations after graduation, when in reality, college graduates often find themselves working two to three jobs just to pay rent and to buy enough food for survival.
This is the same “American Dream” that immigrants, young and old, are often confronted with upon arrival to the United States shortly before they are detained in detention centers where they are held in cages like animals, separated from their parents/children, and deported back to their country of origin.
Our organization will continue to seek the broadest unity possible to take down Trump, the extreme right, and all the other reactionary neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan–like forces that fuel their fires of hatred and division. We will continue to combat Trump’s imperialist policies against Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and others. We will fight within the belly of the beast and never abandon our international comrades in their struggles, which are our struggles as well. We have a long road ahead of us, but we shall overcome! Long live socialism, long live international solidarity, and long live WFDY![3]

Canvassing for Democrats

Maicol David Lynch is with Bruce Bostick and Anita Waters.


September 22 at 3:44 PM (2018).

Earlier this afternoon, the local Columbus CPUSA club (Anna Haas Morgan Club) did some voter registration and canvassing for Democratic candidates and Issue 1 in a working class neighborhood on the south side. We only encountered one conservative voter who probably watches too much Fox News!!! We were able to sway a few former Republicans who are pissed at the current administration’s fascist policies. 👍🏼😁

Always fun working with these comrades!!! 💪🏼

Building A Better 14th Ward

Building A Better 14th Ward March 3 2019:

I'm constantly amazed by the dedication of our volunteers. Thank you, everyone, for going above and beyond. Just two more days!

  1. VoteMarch5th #BuildingABetter14thWard — with Maicol David Lynch, Karisa Gilman Hernandez, K. Nikki Overmiller, Tony Pecinovsky, Madeline Buthod and St. Louis Young Democrats.


Maicol David Lynch has represented the Communist Party USA in Venezuela.

CPUSA National Committee



Maicol David Lynch was sent to Venezuela as a delegate of the Youth of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) to attend the General Council meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) from April 9-11. There the anti-imperialist youth of the world established a newfound solidarity with the youth organizations of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and the United Socialist Party.

From April 12-15 2019, the delegates sent to WFDY participated in the Second Solidarity Mission with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and were even invited to a private audience with President Maduro before attending a rally in front of the presidential palace in Caracas known as Miraflores. “No, we don’t have socialism at the moment,” Maduro stated in front of an audience of mostly foreign youth delegates and Venezuelan university students. “We must defeat the imperialist threat so that we can continue to construct socialism peacefully!”

As part of the Second Solidarity Mission which took place concurrently with the meeting of the World Peace Council, also meeting in Caracas for its 70th anniversary, our PCV and PSUV hosts gave us a tour of the home and mausoleum of Simón Bolívar (the liberator of South America), the tomb of Hugo Chávez, recreational centers, the Bolivarian Military University, and former military bases which have been gradually converted into massive housing complexes by the Bolivarian Revolution since 2008.
The recreational center that we were taken to in the heart of Caracas was five stories tall, with each floor dedicated to some form of entertainment or recreation. Basketball courts, libraries, computer labs, cafeterias (with free meals for children) and even breastfeeding rooms are open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Abdiel Lamas, a representative from the Venezuelan Federation of University Students, told us that “the gyms in the recreational centers are on the same floor as the breastfeeding rooms so that Latin American machismo (misogyny) can be better combated within a family-oriented environment.” This encourages entire families to come out and enjoy the day together, especially when the country suffers an electrical attack and whole neighborhoods remain without light for hours, since each recreational center has its own generator.

Ana Karina Rote, a member of the Youth of the PSUV, accompanied the WFDY and World Peace Council delegates to the Tiuna City housing complex commonly known as the “Apartamentos Genesis” located just south of the capital city of Caracas. Rote informed us that her family was given one of these homes for only a down payment of $400. In fact, after the initial payment of $400, no money is required for monthly rent or utilities. Families who cannot pay the $400 are still permitted to move in given the low wages people are being paid in these critical times.
Another profound impact on my perspective came with our visit to the Bolivarian Military University, where we were greeted by army, navy, marine and medical personnel with hugs and kisses rather than salutes and stern faces. A second-year cadet by the name of Luis Llovera told me that his grandparents were communist guerrillas in the 1960s and ’70s and that their legacy inspired him to join the army in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution. “Notice that we are not an aggressive armed force. We are a defensive force ready to defend our country from imperialism and invasion if need be.”

It is the overwhelming hope of the Venezuelan people that the ruling party under Maduro’s leadership can cooperate with the other leftist parties of the Great Patriotic Pole coalition to agree upon a revolutionary exit out of the crisis. “Socialism here in Venezuela is often understood as a form of Christian charity or just social programs,” PCV member Fernando Arribas told us. “We have gold and land for agriculture! Let’s diversify the economy and aim for real existing socialism instead of social democratic reforms brought to us by Chavismo and Bolivarianism.”[4]