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Maggie Bowden was a leader of the National Assembly of Women. She is the widow of John Bowden.


Maggie Bowden was national women's organiser for the Communist Party of Great Britain in the 1980s.

Jean Styles retired at the Party congress in 1979, to be replaced in 1980 as National Women’s Organiser by Maggie Bowden on a “spare-time” basis. In one of the relatively early signs of factional tension, the appointment was subject to a vote of 26 votes to 10 with two abstentions, the 10 votes against being in favour of Brenda Kirsch. [1]




Maggie Bowden joined Liberation in 1959.

Communist helper

Graham Stevenson served as treasurer for the Marx Memorial Library from 2013 to 2019, and during his final year was helping to redevelop the trade-union base of Liberation as deputy to Maggie Bowden.