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Maddie Hendrick is a Tallahassee Florida activist

Fight Back! supporter

Fight Back! / ¡Lucha y Resiste! is a Facebook group for readers and supporters of Fight Back! / ¡Lucha y Resiste! the newspaper of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!

As of July 5 2020 members included Maddie Hendrick.

Syria protest

Tallahassee Students for a Democratic Society April 18, 2018 ·


With Maddie Hendrick, Jamila Lorde, Audrey Pandolfi Katherine Draken. .

SDS Francis Eppes meeting

On Thursday, April 12 2018 at 8:00 PM in Union Room 320, Tallahassee Students for a Democratic Society will be holding a presentation and discussion about Francis Eppes, the history of racism at FSU, and the current movement to remove the statue and names honoring Eppes on campus. SDS members Maddie Hendrick, Katherine Draken and Jake Alvarez will present and a time for questions and discussion will follow.

Others indicating their intention to attend on Wherevent included Jon Powell, Zachary Schultz, May Annabel Beck, Kitt Cornellas, Nikki Mendez. [1]

Abolish ICE

About 30 people gathered Saturday June 2018 at the Wakulla Immigration Detention Facility as part of the nationwide Families Belong Together protests.

The protesters, mostly young people who traveled from Tallahassee, said they opposed the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that called for the separation and criminal persecution of families who illegally cross the border.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order June 20 to end the separation practice, but all migrants caught illegally crossing the border will still face criminal prosecution.

“There’s just no excuse,” said 53-year-old Carla Weaver. “We’re not going to stand for this.”

Some protesters opposed the very existence of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

“ICE should not be allowed to operate in a way that is deceitful and violent and violates people’s rights,” said 21-year-old Maddie Hendrick. “ICE should be shut down, abolished.”

Charlie Farrell, joined around 30 people gathered Saturday outside of the Wakulla Sheriff's Office in Crawfordville, Fla., home to an ICE detention facility, as part of the nationwide Families Belong Together rally to protest the separation and detention of migrant families by the U.S. federal government.

Signs held by attendees read “ICE better when crushed,” “Stop separating families” and “Abolish ICE.” Most of them would take those signs with them later Saturday, when they made the trip back to the Capitol for another Families Belong Together Protest.

The Crawfordville protest was organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation - Tallahassee and Students for Justice in Palestine.

“We need to tear the whole system down,” said 19-year-old Shelby Shoup, one of the organizers. “Abolishing ICE is our minimum demand.”[2]