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Mackie Mcleod is a Boston activist

Mozambique Support Network

A meeting of Mozambique Support Network took place Friday, March 11, 1988 and Saturday, March 12,1988 at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, Illinois.

Attending the meeting were Roberta Washington, Co-chair (New York), Lisa Anderson (Idaho), Alan Isaacman, Co-chair (Minnesota), Damu Smith (Washington DC), Dan Murphy (Iowa), Mackie Mcleod (Boston), Geri Seese-Green (Oregon), Chris Root (Michigan), Stephanie Urdang (New York), Paul Epstein (Boston), Bassiru (Madison), Andy Epstein (Boston), Bill Martin, Anne Evens (Chicago), Sister Joanette Nitz (Detroit), Carrie Pratt (Madison), Prexy Nesbitt (Chicago), Dave Wiley (Michigan), Heather Gray (Atlanta), Ned Alpers, Otis Cunningham (Chicago)

Regrets were sent by Mike Johnson (Iowa), Kevin Danaher (California), Bill Minter, Kathy Flewellen (Washington, DC), Ruth Minter (Maryland), Kathy Sheldon and Steve Tarzynski (California), Paula Voelkel (Wisconsin), Coke McCord (New York) and Todd Hawkins (Washington), Treasurer Lisa Brock was unable to attend due to the tragic death of her mother in Ohio.[1]

Boston delegations trip to Mozambigue: Mackie Mcleod discussed his trip to Mozambique. The delegation of 13 Afro-Americans included activists, service givers, artists and one reporter. They received warm welcomes everywhere and the Mozambicans placed an emphasis on the importance of MS work in the u.S. The U.S. government did not greet them at the airport, though they were requested to do so prior to their departure. The group was impressed by the green zones and other collectives.
They also saw a model prison without bars. The group saw many people who had been attacked by MNR and were particularly impressed by the sight of a Mozambican hospital treating large numbers of MNR victims. The group had a 2 1/2 hour meeting with President Chissano. Part of the group went to Manica Province and the other part visited Sofala Province. Photographer Don West took many photos.