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MOVE Texas


MOVE comrades

H. Drew Galloway October 22, 2018:


With Erick Razo, Cris'tina Medina and Johnson Simmons.

National Voter Registration Day 2014

MOVE Texas· September 30, 2014:

F*ck Yeah, Democracy!

Thanks to our team, our volunteers, and our partners for making National Voter Registration Day 2014 such a success!


And a very special thank you to Nichole for donating her photography services! — with Jeanette Chamorro, Rudy Padilla, Amanda Poplawsky, Eric Vasquez, Viktoria Zerda, Dylan Adrianna Verdi, Bela Kriger, Hannah Roe Beck, Alfredo Hickman, Alex Birnel, Crystal Hickman, Sebastian Waddy, Ariel Sepulveda and Lawrence Cital at The Block SA.

MOVE Texas Comrades

Marina Alderete Gavito May 29 2018:


With Madison Porras, DeMonte R. Alexander, Celeste Alana Brown, Alex Birnel, Bryan Traywick, Andrew Solano, Sean Omar Rivera, Christy Woodward, Steven A. Lopez, Delia Covo and Teressa Lowrance at Ella Austin Community Center.

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