Luis Rivas

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Luis Rivas

Luis Rivas is a native of Los Angeles, who lives in Echo Park and works in the San Fernando Valley. He currently edits the non-fiction on the online literary journal He is a contributor to the Communist Party USA paper Peoples World[1].

Communist Party


On June 5, 2014 Luis Rivas of Los Angeles contributed a discussion document, Identity politics, privilege & the national question for the 30th National Convention, Communist Party USA[2]

The Communist Party, USA, is a working class organization that aims to be inclusive of all groups of people in the country. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-generational and multi-gender organization (among a sea of other groups). We make it an intentional effort to be as representative of our diverse country as possible."


  2. Convention Discussion: Identity politics, privilege & the national question by: Luis Rivas June 5 2014]