Luca De Sanctis Barton

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Luca De Sanctis Barton

Public Facebook Group

Members of the DSA San Diego - North County Branch public Facebook Group - January 13 2021 included Luca De Sanctis Barton.

Standing for AD 77

In 2019 Luca De Sanctis Barton stood from AD 77 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

  • Staff for Obama 2008, Delaine Eastin 2018
  • Organized for Bernie 2016 (led effort to win the only Congressional District to win for Bernie in LA), Monica Montgomery, Matt Brower, and >15 unbought Dem candidates since 2015, Healthy CA, Tenants Union
  • Volunteer with many groups for our homeless neighbors, migrants seeking asylum, community gardening, tenants rights, single-payer healthcare, living wages, unions, social, economic, and environmental justice for all
  • I’m a graphic designer who has worked pro-bono with 7 non-profits.[1]

Birnbaum supporters

Jenni Chang September 17, 2017:

Today Medicare-for-All activists came together to canvass Ron Birnbaum for State Assembly District 51. He has been unabashedly fighting for healthcare for all, rejects corporate money, and calls for LA to be a sanctuary city. Oh, and he's endorsed by the California Nurses Association and local members of PNHP. 💪

Among the leading candidates in this race, Ron's is the only website that actually ad... See More — with Kim Marie Mulligan, Dale Solomon, Susan Meyer, Luca De Sanctis Barton, Betty Doumas, Ken Warfield, Ron Birnbaum, Jane Demian, Jeanine Rohn, Mishna Erana Hernandez, Adam Gorgoni, Hsingii Tseng Bird, Cesar Blackbeard, Margot Tenenbaum, Hannah Cho, Gilbert Feliciano and Marlin Medrano.
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