Lowell B. Denny III

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Lowell B. Denny III

Lowell B. Denny III is a member of Communist Party USA. Lived in Tampa, Florida. Now in Hawaii.


Lowell B. Denny III , graduated with a degree in political science from Washington University, but his real political education came with his membership in Queer Nation/San Francisco, spending two months of work and study in Cuba just after the demise of the USSR, three months hitchhiking around Mexico where he got to spend a day in jail, and being affected by the sovereignty movement while living in Hawaii. He has worked in publishing, retail, and as a school teacher and restaurant waiter.[1]

Lowell B. Denny III has worked for the federal government for 12 years, been a member of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) for a fraction of that, and was recently made a shop steward.[2]


CPUSA of Tampa Bay


CPUSA of Tampa Bay Closed Facebook Group, accessed June 21, 2017;[3]

Our Main Political Aims:
1. Defeat the agenda of the ultra-right.
2. Reforms to put people before profits, end racism, gender discrimination and homophobia, and guarantee justice, economic security and basic needs for all.

3. A new kind of society - Socialism USA - in which the working class and its allies have the power to end war and corporate greed, and to build a true democracy of cooperation, fairness and peace.

Members included Lowell B. Denny III.

CPUSA Florida District Forum

CPUSA Florida District Forum Closed Facebook Group, as of June 29, 2017;[4]

This is the OFFICIAL discussion forum for members of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), District of Florida.

Members included Lowell B. Denny III.

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