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Lisa Le

Lisa Le helped foster the foundation for PowerPAC+. Her parents’ experiences leaving war-torn Vietnam influenced her interests and understanding of the civil rights and women’s suffrage movement. As an activist, Lisa brings her organizational and certified public accounting skills to create an environment where younger generations can organize and movement-build.[1]

March on Sacramento

Along with Andrew Wong, Steven Phillips was a principal organizer of the April 1987 March on Sacramento that drew 8,000 people to Sacramento to support expanded educational opportunities for students of color. The March on Sacramento was the largest post-Vietnam rally in the State Capitol.[2]

Other key organizers, all friends of Phillips included Julie Martinez, Colin Cloud Hampson, Lisa Le and David Brown.[3]


Lisa Le, Asia Pacific Student Union, student politician was interviewed in the League of Revolutionary Struggle's Unity of April 30 1989.


In 2003 Lisa Le, was chief accounting officer of JMPT Consulting. She has served as a consultant to many San Francisco politicians during the last decade.[4] staff as of 2016;[5]

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA Office

Washington, DC Office


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