Lindsay Hagerman

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Lindsay Hagerman from New York City

Witness Against Torture

Hagerman was listed as affiliated with Witness Against Torture and fasting to protest torture, as of March 25, 2010.[1]

Religious SDS

In 2008 Lindsay Hagerman was a religious member of New Students for a Democratic Society.

"Jesus is one of my biggest political influences, and I'm an anti-imperialist radical queer. Alongside activists like Angela Davis, Howard Zinn, and Kate Bornstein, liberation theologians have shaped my political development. My faith is not about "pie in the sky." I believe Jesus provided a revolutionary guide for social justice here and now.
"Being honest about my faith among activists somewhat mirrors my coming out process. I'm received with combinations of confusion, tolerance, and resentment. I mourn when Christians spread racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia – and I mourn when my comrades reinforce a common and mistaken association between devout Christianity and conservative, capitalist politics. If organizers refuse to fall into the trap of distancing themselves from people of faith, including Christians, SDS will open itself up to a larger potential membership, as well as strategic alliances for campaigns."[2]


In 2008 Lindsay Hagerman was a member of Boston Students for a Democratic Society.[3]



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