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Template:TOCnestleft Liliana Rivera Baiman is a Columbus Ohio activist. Married to Jeremy Baiman. Daughter-in-law of Ron Baiman.


Liliana Rivera Baiman as born in a small village in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. In 1991, her family immigrated to Texas in search of a better future. She grew up in a very humble household in Dickinson, TX with her parents, 3 siblings and 3 uncles. She has deep roots and more than a decade of experience in the social justice and labor movements. As a student, Liliana was elected President of Jovenes Inmigrantes Por Un Futuro Mejor (JIFM) at the University of Houston. The group fought for passage of the Dream Act and connected undocumented students with higher education opportunities. In 2001, Texas became the first state to pass a law granting in-state tuition rates to undocumented students.

During her work with JIFM, a union organizer knocked on her door to speak with her mother, a janitor who cleaned office buildings. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was in the midst of the groundbreaking Justice for Janitors campaign, led by mostly immigrant women. After becoming active in the campaign, she joined SEIU as an intern and decided to pursue a career in organized labor. In 2006, following a city-wide strike, 5,300 Houston janitors won their first union contract, doubling their income and receiving health insurance benefits for the first time. She has since organized in a variety of industries with SEIU, AFSCME, UNITE HERE, and Ohio Nurses Association.

In 2011, Liliana and her husband Jeremy moved to Columbus. They purchased a home in Merion Village in 2014. Liliana currently works with the Central Ohio Workers Center.

In addition to labor and immigration advocacy, Liliana is passionate about fighting for healthcare justice, expanding parental leave, and addressing the lack of affordable housing for Columbus’ working families.[1]

DSA member - lost


Democratic Socialists of America member Liliana Rivera Baiman lost her bid 2019 bid.[2]

Council run

Democratic Socialists of America July 22 2019.

We are proud to endorse Liliana Rivera Baiman for Columbus City Council At-Large, up for election Tuesday, November 5th. Vote for her if you're in town, and donate and volunteer for her if you can.


Liliana Rivera Baiman is a mother, labor organizer, and DREAMer activist who is running because Columbus workers shouldn't need more than one job to survive. That means good union jobs with benefits, and a city that can support them. She's a member of Columbus DSA and knows that without municipal ID cards and public internet, it's hard for everyone to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. With public services that are funded by prioritizing the good of all over the good of developers, Liliana believes everyone can thrive.

Morgan Harper connection

Liliana Rivera Baiman for Columbus City Council · July 1 2019·

So proud of our sister in the movement Morgan! Thank you for stepping up and running for office! We need more people like you!


Liliana Rivera Baiman with Morgan Harper.