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Template:TOCnestleft Leslie Salgado is a Maryland activist.


Leslie Salgado was born in Ecuador/ South America. She emigrated to the United States in 1969 to her last year of high school. She then went on to get a bachelor's and master's degrees in Civil Engineering at the University of Maryland in College Park. After working in her field/14 years as a bridge designer and 19 in the field of facilities engineering for public transportation/ she retired in the summer of 2016.

When Leslie arrived in the US, she was non-socially-consious. But soon thereafter, she started developing an awareness for social justice watching the news about the US war in Viet Nam. She could not understand how in the name of democracy/the US government could cause such atrocities and so much suffering to people in faraway lands. Her curiosity led her to she writings of progressive and revolutionaries around the world such as Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Paulo Freire, Margaret Mead, Martin Luther King, Jr., Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky etc. This led her to believe that the onEy way to make this world a better place was to devote a part of her fife working for social Justice. She firmly believes that our future is in our hands and that our actions can make a difference.

Throughout most of her adult life, she has been an active advocate and participant of the peace and justice movement in the US. But/ since the early 80's she has worked more exdusively in solidarity with the people of Latin America. She is a co-founder of Howard County Friends of Latin America which turned 30 years in 2016. She is also an active member of the Baltimore Matanzas Association, a group that is mostly active in Baltimore. She also volunteers with the Committee for Palestinian Rights and other human rights and social justice organizations.[1]

Women for a Meaningful Summit

In 1989 Leslie Salgado served on the Board of Directors of Women for a Meaningful Summit.

"Happy birthday Fidel"


The Baltimore branch of Workers World Party celebrated the 90th birthday of Cuba’s historic leader, Fidel Castro, on Aug. 13, 2016. An introductory panel featured Fred Mason, president of the Maryland/Washington, D.C., AFL-CIO; Leslie Salgado, from Howard County Friends of Latin America; and Cheryl LaBash, a co-chair of the National Network on Cuba. In a “fish bowl” discussion, four young organizers described what socialism means to them, followed by questions and comments from others.

Sharon Black, an independent candidate for City Council president, chaired the meeting, and Andre Powell, mayoral candidate — both from Workers World Party and the Baltimore People’s Power Assembly — spoke in solidarity with the Cuban revolution. Independent City Council candidate Nnamdi Lumumba, of the Ujima People’s Progress Party, also expressed his solidarity with socialist Cuba.[2]



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