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Leslee Inaba-Wong has published essays in East Wind Magazine, and poetry in Third World Women, an anthology of poetry. She lives in New York City with her husband, GT Wong.

East Wind

In 1989 staff of East Wind were Bruce Akizuki, Anthony Cody, Gina Hotta, Denise Imura, Leslee Inaba-Wong, Don Misumi, David Monkawa, Janice Sakamoto, Ken Yamada.

Concerned Japanese Americans

Leslee Inaba-Wong was a member of Concerned Japanese Americans in New York City.[1]

National Network of Asian/Pacific Americans for Jesse Jackson founders

On March 9 1984, concretizing the motto, "In unity there is strength," our individual groupings formed the National Network of Asian/Pacific Americans for Jesse Jackson. Sharon Hom and Leslee Inaba-Wong (New York), Evelyn Yoshimura and Linda Mabalot (Los Angeles), Michael Liu (Boston), Ying Lee Kelley and Butch Wing (Bay Area), and Cindy Ng (Network coor dinator) signed the joint statement.[2]



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