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Leo Salinas Chacon

Leo Salinas Chacon is an illegal immigration activist based in Kentucky. In October 2017, he was introduced as president, Latin American Hispanic Students Organization, LAHSO.

He was invited to attend the 2018 State of the Union address by Congressman John Yarmuth.[1]


Leo Salinas Chacon was brought to America from El Salvador as a child by his parents in 2000, fleeing gang violence and kidnappings that targeted his family. They originally lived in Nashville before moving to Louisville, where Chacón graduated from Eastern High School. He was approved for DACA in 2013 and is now in his second year at the University of Louisville, where he majors in economics and is a fellow in UofL’s Martin Luther King Scholars Program."

"Becca O’Neill, an immigration attorney with Kentucky Refugee Ministries, says her office has been flooded with questions from immigrants about what is to come with Trump. Specifically, they question whether work permits already received through DACA will be valid until their current expiration date, even if the program is eliminated."[2]

Sombrero Photo

Leo Salinas Chacon expresses anger with fellow students and faculty over University of Louisville President James Ramsey's photo wearing a sombrero.[3]

"The picture portrayed the president and staff garbed as “Mexicans” with sombreros, maracas, fake mustaches and mantilla veils. Ramsey emailed an apology Friday afternoon for his actions. Ramsey said, “I want to personally apologize for the recent incident and any pain that it may have caused our students, faculty, staff and the community. We did not intend to cause harm or to be insensitive."
"Freshman Leo Salinas Chacon shared his feelings about President Ramsey’s controversial costume choice that depicted Chacón’s own culture. “The most practical way I’ve found to explain it is that people understand universally that blackface is a bad thing, so people say ‘President Ramsey did blackface, but for brown people’—so President Ramsey did brownface,” Leo Salinas Chacon said.

2018 State of the Union Address

Several DACA recipients, including Leo Salinas Chacon, were invited to President Trump's 2018 State of the Union Address:[4]

DACA recipients and illegal immigration advocates include: Karen Bahena (DACA recipient), Jessica Chilin-Hernandez (Salvadoran TPS holder), Cindy Garcia (wife of deported Jorge Garcia), Aldo Solano (Dreamer), Viviana Andazola Marquez (father was detained by ICE), Hugo Alexander Acosta Mazariego (Dreamer), Nicolle Uria (Dreamer), Leonardo Reyes, (Dreamer), Jung Bin Cho (Dreamer), Nery Martinez (TPS holder), Leo Salinas Chacon (Dreamer), Antonio Valdovinos (Dreamer who was denied entry to the U.S. Marine Corps), Diego de la Vega (Dreamer and congressional intern), Edenilson Granados (TPS holder), Denea Joseph (UndocuBlack Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient), Adrian Escarate (Dreamer), Ana Campa Castillo (Dreamer), Amy Gottlieb (wife of detained immigration activist Ravi Ragbir), Elizabeth Vilchis (DACA recipient), Itayu Torres (DACA recipient), Christian Castaneda (DACA recipient), Melody Klingenfuss (DACA recipient), Leticia Herrera-Mendez (DACA recipient), Leslie Martinez (DACA recipient), Anarely Marquez (DACA recipient), Cesar Montelongo (DACA recipient), Gabriela Hernandez (DACA recipient), Esder Chong (DACA recipient), Dalia Medina (DACA recipient), Ivonne Orozco-Acosta (DACA recipient), Nelson Melgar (DACA recipient), America Moreno Jimenez (DACA recipient), Bennet Omalu (immigrant from Nigeria, who discovered Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), Brandon Judd (president of the National Border Patrol Council), Jean Bradley Derenoncourt (Brockton City Council member, immigrant from Haiti, who recently became a U.S. citizen).[7]

‘Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America’

Leo Salinas Chacon took part in a panel discussion for the film ‘Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America’ in October 2017:[8]

As part of UofL Pride Week, the documentary “Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America” will be screened. The film follows Moises Serrano, an undocumented immigrant who came to America at 18 months old. Serrano also happens to be gay, which makes his mission as an activist to expand the rights of undocumented people even more difficult. Following the film will be a round table discussion with Enid Trucios-Haynes (Brandeis School of Law), Sarah Nunez (UofL Cultural Center), Leonardo Salinas Chacon (president, Latin American Hispanic Students Organization, LAHSO) and James Alcantara (vice president, Latin American Hispanic Student Organization and HLI Ambassador)."


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