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The Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy appeared late in 1981 circulating a "Statement on the Illegality of Nuclear Weapons" which had no condemnation or even mention of Soviet nuclear weapons and targeting policy, but which was aimed specifically at the United States.[1]

From their website in 2005, this organization described themselves as follows:

"Founded in 1981, the Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy LCNP is a national nonprofit educational association that uses national and international law to promote peace and disarmament. LCNP has been a vital link between policy makers, legal scholars and activists."


  • provides legal information and analysis to policy makers, diplomats, activists, and the media on disarmament and international law
  • publishes books, articles and discussion papers for policy makes, lawyers, legal scholars and laypeople
  • provides legal resources to individuals and organizations using law to work for disarmament
  • works through international diplomatic bodies, including the United Nations and the International Court of Justice, to promote peace and disarmament

Mailing Address and Contact Information: Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy LCNP 211 East 43rd Street, Suite 1204 New York, New York, 10017, USA Tel: (212) 818-1861 Fax: (212) 818-1857 E-Mail: [End of website introduction "About LCNP"]


The Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy's positions closely parallel those of the Soviet "peace" fronts. LCNP's officers and initial members of its consultative council include a number of activists from the National Lawyers Guild, the U.S. section of the Soviet-controlled International Association of Democratic Lawyers. LCNP's co-chairpersons are Martin Popper, an identified CPUSA member who was the NLG's executive secretary during the 1940s and remains active in the New York City NLG chapter and in IADL activities; and Peter Weiss, NLG member, vice president of the Center for Constitutional Rights and president of the board of the Institute for Policy Studies.

The organization's rhetoric is shrill and very similar to the cant found routinely in proclamations of the WPC and related Soviet-controlled front organizations. For example:

"Humanity has entered a critical period in its history as a species. Today's nuclear arsenals have the potential for annihilating a large segment of the world's populations, for devastating and contaminating vast areas of the earth's surface... In short, nuclear weapons threaten human survival itself."

LCNP violently attacks U.S. policy-makers as "increasingly contemplating" the use of nuclear weapons and asserts its role is to combat "the Reagan administration's position that the United States must be prepared to intervene, using nuclear capabilities if necessary, to protect U.S. interests wherever threatened [and in] U.S. official policy a dangerous acceptance of the legitimacy and efficacy of using nuclear weapons to reverse international situations considered adverse to U.S. national interests."[1]


The following have worked with the Committee:[1]

Consultative Council

PERSONNEL 2005 Officers and related key members as of 7/5/2005:




LCNP Events

From a notice in the Guardian, September 26, 1990, p. 14:

"Nuclear Weapons and a Changing World"

"Colloguium of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms- - Berling, Nov. 2-4, 1990 -- Panel discussion and keynote speeches by distinguished international law scholars, public officials and leading attorneys. Hear:

"Features a critical analysis of deterrence and proposals for a regime of common security."

Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy 225 Lafayette Street, #513 New York, NY, 10012 (212) 334-8044