Laurie Law Crowe

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Derrick Crowe with Laurie Law Crowe (R)

Laurie Law Crowe is the Social Studies Department Chair at Ballou Senior High School.

She is married to Democratic Socialists of America member and Justice Democrats activist Derrick Crowe.

Susanna Woody Connection

Laurie Law Crowe is Facebook friends with Susanna Woody, Erin Zwiener, Mickey Fetonte and Sharon Gillespie.[1]

With Candidate Crowe supporters

Posted by Derrick Crowe September 14 2018:


That time Glenn Scott showed up to my ballot filing in moneybags drag. We're going to miss you, Glenn. Thank you for keeping us grounded, laughing, and brave when it's hard. — with Laurie Law Crowe, Roy Woody, Jr. and Hatem Natsheh.