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Lauren Cosenza is a Staten Island activist. Operations Specialist at National Debt Relief.



Staten Island Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook page Admins:


Patrol comrades

Caesar Vargas August 7 2019·

Another successful early morning patrol across Staten Island (no ICE presence). We will, however, continue this effort to protect the rights of all our immigrant neighbors #MigraWatchSI


Thank you to the awesome activists of the Staten Island DSA Tom Brick, Lauren Cosenza, Gena Mimozo Ksenia, and Nidhi Khanna for leading this patrol with us #LaLuchaSigue


Thursday 10 September 2015, Progressive Student Alliance at NEU organized an event.

Join the Progressive Student Alliance (PSA), Husky Environmental Action Team (HEAT), DivestNu, the Health Disparities Student Collaborative (HDSC), the Feminist Student Organization (FSO), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), and the Sexual Health and Advocacy Resources and Education (SHARE), Northeastern Black Student Association (NBSA), and more to explore activism at Northeastern!

Those indicating attendance on the Wherevent website included Jackie Rothmeier, Alix Alto, Becky Darling, Alex Peterson, Kyumon Murrell, Lauren Cosenza, Katherine So, Rachel Loo, Yian Pan, Nora Callahan, Sokona Diallo, Isabel Jordan, Laura Romero, Lauren Bocage, Katy Davis, John Quintas, Anni Rong, Gaby Thurston, Sydelle Barreto, Sarah Elbakri, Jiya Pinder, Emma Recane, Irem Girmen, Kaitlyn Zheng, Cindy Truong, Sam Shaw-Wilgoski, Jeyashri Sridhar, David Zingher, Claire Sams, Jailene Cabrera, Christina Guerra, Ben Levy, Charina Hanley, Tara Roslin, Cometa Borealis, Mackenzie Coleman, Chelsea Canedy, Hannah Jeffrey, Neha Godbole, Kelly McNulty, Jessica Care, Alissa Zimmer, Rebecca Green, Heidi Griswold, Nadia Zimo, Ev Jacobson, Gaby Thurston, Josh Spiegel, Thalia Carroll, Erick Sanchez, Timothea Pham, Emily Mears, Monica Elaine Bhatia, Audrey Van Zee, Julia Cooper, Sofia Perez Arias, Jillian Hubbard, Jacqueline Firsty, Alison Crescioli Borman, Leah Bury, Sara Sheridan, Ryan Maia, Amie Matthews, Aneesa Qadar, Matt Gold, Monica Elaine Bhatia, Rebecca Noyes, Lydia Gallant, Will Beaman, Troy Neves, Sarah Anderson, Roxanne Anderson, Parul Sharma, Chloe Nobuhara, Henry Bison, Ash Liu, Lola Akingbade, Maddie Seibert, Akiera Brionna, Austin Williams, .[1]