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Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America is a Nevada affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.

2020 Executive Board

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Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America 2020 Executive Board.

Mutual Aid Network


Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America Mutual Aid Network Private Facebook group.

Moderators April 2020.

July 2017 Interim Executive

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Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America, July 2017, interim executive.


Keenan Korth, was in 2017, contact for Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee.[1]

Jennie Yim became the contact in August.[2]

Endorsed Langford

Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America May 30 at 11:45am.


The Las Vegas DSA Executive Committee supports candidate Robert Langford for Clark Country District Attorney based on his following campaign commitments:

1. Langford has made it a top priority to end cash bail. We believe that cash bail is ineffective in a transformative justice system and exists to solely to penalize poverty. 2. Langford is committed to vacating marijuana-related convictions. We believe that the criminalization of marijuana led to excessive arrests and incarceration within communities of color. For those who were convicted before the legalization of marijuana to continue to serve out sentences is untenable.

Throughout the country, we are seeing witnessing a fight back against the criminalization of poverty, the disproportionate incarceration of communities of color and we hope to join in this fight

Further 2018 endorsements

Las Vegas DSA announces endorsements for June 12th election.

Clark County School Board Endorsements

There are three Clark County School Board Seats up for election this year – depending on your address, you may or may not see a candidate on your ballot.

DSA Supports the following progressive candidates. All three of them are supportive of teachers, unions, and public education – best of all, they are familiar with the challenges public education is facing in Nevada.

If you see a School Board Candidate on your ballot, these three candidates support our agenda!

Clark County Judicial Endorsements

Nevada Supreme Court – Judge Elissa Cadish is one of the most progressive judges in Las Vegas and would be a strong progressive voice for the NSC.

The same is true of Melissa De la Garza (LV Township judge dept. 15).

James Leavitt (LV township dept. 1) has made statements against cash bail. Of the candidates for that seat, he is the only one that has made those statements.[3]

LV DSA Comrades

Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America March 16 2019:


With Kara Elizabeth, Carla Elizabeth Sandoval, Eric Cline, Joe Sedlak, James Patterson, Dylan Small, Tamara Taylor and Caleb Contreras at Medicare For All Crowd Canvass at the Bernie Rally!


Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America September 10, 2017;

Las Vegas DSA members standing in solidarity with DREAMers #DefendDACA — with Carla Elizabeth Sandoval, Eric Cline, Joe Sedlak and Jennie Spaghettini at New York - New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

"Family portrait" LVDSA


Left Alexander Forsberg, 5th from right Joe Sedlak, third from right Caitlyn Caruso, second from right Sammy Burtch, far right Andrew Cardenas.

LV DSA Closed Facebook Group

Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America Discussion Group. Closed Facebook Group. Accessed June 15, 2018.

This is the discussion group for the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.


Admins and Moderators


LV DSA First Annual General Meeting!


LV DSA First Annual General Meeting! Hosted by Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America.

Wednesday, May 31 at 7 PM - 9 PM

The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada.

401 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Las Vegas DSA will be holding its inaugural General Meeting. Meet your Interim Exectuive Committee and learn about all the great community work we have been doing the past few months.
We will also be holding our annual Local Executive Committee Elections and electing delegates for the DSA National Convention this summer (August 3-6) in Chicago! All dues- paying members will get a vote.[5]

Invited on Facebook



Hops for Democratic Socialism Mixer


The Bunkhouse Saloon, March 15, 2017; Organized by : Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America

Join us downtown at the Bunkhouse Saloon for Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America's first socialism mixer. Meet like-minded locals for a night of comradery and revelry, and stick around afterwards for live music:

Those indicating their attendance on Wherevent included Demi Falcon, Chloe Bender, Sergey Fedossov, Caitlyn Caruso, Andrew Cardenas, Jennifer Durnell, Alexander Forsberg, Jake Galardi Marko, Chenay Arberry, Anna Lim, Seraphina Thompson, Cesar Valdez, Chris Topher, Gina Lebsack, Morgan Helleberg, Kane Sisomphou, Nicholas Tavcar, Greg Clark, Nathan Gonzalez, Allison Barfield, Karin Quindo Miller, Felicia Squassoni, Clementine Ramona Flowers-Hepburn.

Peoples Summit report back


Hermon Farahi, June 29 2017;

Hosting the LV #PPLSummit Activist Review, in collaboration with the Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America, Draft Bernie Nevada for a People's Party & Nevada for Healthcare-Now! — with Keenan Korth, Amy Vilela, Tisia Stemp Kristofer DiPaolo and Manuel Arizala.[6]

Free Brake lights

Members of the Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America were changing brake lights, along with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada and the Faith Organizing Alliance, in a free event in an effort to prevent interaction with and harassment from police, organizers said. They changed brake lights and headlights on over 20 vehicles Jan. 6 2018, at the First African American Methodist Episcopal Church on Revere Street.

“The clinic was envisioned as a community response to police shootings that happened as the result of traffic stops in 2016 and earlier,” said interim DSA chair Jennie Yim, referring to the stories of Walter Scott, Philandro Castile and others. “It’s not conceived as charity; it’s conceived as a means of rallying support and solidarity and as a proactive means for the community getting together and staving off harassment and violence.”

DSA has over 100 chapters and over 30,000 members nationwide. While members of the Las Vegas chapter may have been a part of the national group for years, the chapter (also the first in Nevada) was established in April.

If a person has a warrant, Yim said, that can lead to their arrest. A warrant is an order that directs law enforcement to arrest a subject and bring them before a judge. Warrants can be issued for a variety of reasons, including failure to appear in court, unpaid traffic tickets or if an individual is a suspect in a case.

One volunteer, Briceida Castro, said she was pulled over by an officer in September for a burnt-out brake light. She had only been pulled over once before — for speeding — she said, and this experience left her shaken.

“I’ve been politically involved, but as far as brake lights, I don’t think I really thought about it,” she said.

In the light of recent police shootings, Castro said, because she’s Hispanic, “(Getting pulled over) was scary, and it made me more conscious of it.”

Eileen Eady, president of progressive political nonprofit Together We Will Nevada and a candidate for the Clark County School Board’s District F seat, said her group has partnered with DSA for previous events, including protests against efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act at Sen. Dean Heller’s office.

The group focuses on civic engagement, lobbying for progressive initiatives and fundraising and supporting candidates.[7]