Lance Pustin

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Lance Pustin

MPLA support

The Angola Support Conference came into existence to organize a conference to support the MPLA held in Chicago, May 28-30, 1976. The Conference supported the MPLA and opposed U.S. and South African intervention in Angola. The sponsors were organizations supporting the MPLA from around the country. After the Chicago conference, the organization continued its activities with Prexy Nesbitt serving as national coordinator. Sponsors were;

Hard Times Conference

In 1976 Lance Pustin for Philadelphia PFOC attended the Weather Underground and Prairie Fire Organizing Committee organized Hard Times Conference Jan 30 - Feb 1 at the University of Chicago.[2]


In 1999 Lance Pustin was hired as building performance specialist, for Vermont Gas Systems Inc. in Burlington.[3]

Circa 2011 Lance Pustin, worked in the Office of Housing and Community Development (Philadelphia, Pa.)


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