Kristy Ringor

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Kristy Ringor

Kristy a Hawaii academic and activist. She is an Associate Professor of American Studies at Hawaii Tokai International College.


Kristy Ringor has studied at Oregon State University and the University of Hawaii where she earned an MA in American Studies.


In 2002 Kristy Ringor, served as the Communications Director[1]of the United States Student Association. Together with USSA president Julie Beatty, Ringor contributed an article to Young Communist League USA magazine Dynamic, April 2002 "Students Dissent to War".

Young Communist League

By 2005 Kristy Ringor was an active member[2] of the Young Communist League USA.

Kristy Ringor is a graduate student in American Studies at the University of Hawaii specializing in race and labor history in the U.S. She is the former Communications Director for the U.S. Student Association and is on the National Council of the YCL.

Dynamic Collective 2005

In 2005, the Collective running the Young Communist League magazine Dynamic, consisted of Shane Brinton, Cesar Casamayor, Melissa Chadburn, Julia Donahue, Maya Funaro, Cristina Gallo, Abdul-Aziz Hassan, Molly Kelley, Tony Pecinovsky, Kristy Ringor, Brandon Slattery, Mike Tyner, Keren Wheeler.[3]

American Studies Association

In 2008 Ringor was Hawaii President of the Washington DC based American Studies Association and a professor at the University of Hawai'i, Manoa.[4]