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Korina Iribe-Romo is Arizona State Advisor to the Movement Voter Project.

Korina is a graduate from Arizona State University with a BS in Human Communications and a minor in Political Science. She often shares her personal story of navigating the education system as an undocumented/DACA student because her journey to finish college led her to the world of community activism and organizing. It was in the tight knit community of social justice organizing in Arizona that she found her calling as a community organizer and where she found her new chosen family. Korina served as Campaign Manager for the Instate for DACA and the Let Dreamers Drive efforts, two important advocacy campaigns in her state to help move the rights of immigrant youth forward.Her passion for education equity led her to co found Undocumented Students for Education Equity and to mentor undocumented college students on the power of organizing. In 2016 she was part of the historic BAZTA Arpaio movement which helped successful end the reign of the infamous sheriff. Her most recent endeavors have included working on state wide and city electoral campaigns as a Field Director and Advisor. She enjoys writing during her downtime and is published by several online publications and most recently in a collective of social justice resistance essays. “Doing work with a sense of purpose is important to me, and I am fortunate to have the privilege to pursue this type of work that fills my soul everyday” .[1]

Supreme Court protest

Belen Sisa April 2, 2018.


With Edder Diaz Martinez, Oscar Hernandez Ortiz, Vasthy Lamadrid, Erika Andiola, Perla Martinez, Alex Baker, Cormac Doebbeling, Jocelyn Gallardo, Isela Blanc, David Garcia, Jake Bell for Arizona, Korina Iribe-Romo, Isa ONeal, Karina Ruiz and Garrick McFadden at Arizona Supreme Court.


Belen Sisa, November 4, 2017;


It is an honor to be here supporting our Muslim brothers & sisters tonight 💓 #CAIR #UndocumentedAllies — attending 2017 CAIR - Arizona Annual Banquet with Felix Trejo, Taric Watts-Williams, Raquel Guerrero, Korina Iribe-Romo and Johnny Martin at Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville West.

ASU protest

Belen Sisa October 27, 2017;


With Johnny Martin, Evelin Cruz, Denis Alvarez, Perla Martinez, Orlando Manzo and Korina Iribe-Romo at Arizona State University.


Belen Sisa May 17 2018.


With Edder Diaz Martinez, Oscar Hernandez Ortiz, Vasthy Lamadrid, Todd Wiandt and Korina Iribe-Romo.

Clean #DreamActNow!

Belen Sisa November 9, 2017 ·


Arizona respresenting in Washington, D.C. ready to demand for a Clean #DreamActNow! ❤️✊🏼 — with Rosa Maria Soto Castro, Korina Iribe-Romo, Perla Martinez, Denis Alvarez, Aldo Gonzalez, Oscar Hernandez Ortiz, Abril Gallardo and Mitzi Castro at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church - Washington, DC.


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