Kitty Kroger

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Kitty Kroger

Kitty Kroger is a Retired high school ESL teacher at Theodore Roosevelt High School. Lives in Pasadena, California.


  • Studied at Colorado College
  • Went to Riverside Polytechnic High School

League of Rolutionaries for a New America MLK luncheon, Detroit

Daymon J. Hartley January 19 2019:


With Tijuana Morris and Kitty Kroger.

National Fight Back Conference

Kitty Kroger was a New York delegate to the October League's December 1975 "National Fight Back Conference" in Chicago.

Climate Justice Committee, DSA-LA


Members of the Climate Justice Committee, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of August 30, 2017 included Kitty Kroger.[1]

Environment protest

Arlene Inouye December 13, 2015:


With Rachel Bruhnke, Linda Teach and Kitty Kroger at Port of Los Angeles.

SoCal 350 Climate Action

SoCal 350 Climate Action July 11, 2016;

Refineries in California plan to increase capacity and refine more Bakken Shale crude oil and Canadian tar sands bitumen. However, CA’s refinery communities that already bear a disparate amount of the burden (the refinery corridor along the north shore of the East Bay) will be more impacted than they were previously. New crude-by-rail terminals will put additional Californians at risk of accidents such as spills, derailments, and explosions. Additionally, air quality in refinery communities will be further degraded as refineries change to lower quality sources of crude oil.

With Heather Woodbury, Mark Morris, Vern Tuck Taylor and Kitty Kroger at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.