Kiran Nigam

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Kiran Nigam

Kiran Nigam has "for over 15 years I have made a life and a living helping people talk to each other about topics that are often uncomfortable, awkward, or taboo, grounded in a politics of liberation, and love.

I have an academic background in brains, neuroscience, education, and art that I find informs my facilitation on a daily basis. Complementary to my work with AORTA, I make potions, draw, cook, and study nutrition, food, plants, and meditation as medicine, and know a fair amount about bodies. I have increasingly been integrating these skills and areas of study into my facilitation and consulting: utilizing visuals to map information and maximize group effectiveness, integrating space for reflection and introspection in workshops, centering my work in love and compassion, using body-based tools to support learning and ease group decision-making, and in general welcoming our whole, messy selves into political work.
After 15 years of involvement in the cooperative economics movement, I have developed a particular passion for working with cooperatives and democratically-run groups, as well as supporting hierarchical groups transitioning to horizontal structures.
I am South Asian, mixed race, queer, and a gender fluid shapeshifter who comes from an upper middle class upbringing. I have an invisible disability that has largely fueled my health and healing interests listed above, out of a physical imperative.

I recently relocated to West Philadelphia from Oakland, CA,[1]


AORTA coop members in 2015 were: