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Kim Collins Gilby

Willco comrades

Mike Siegel for Congress - TX-10 July 8 2018:


One of the most exciting parts of running for office as a Texas Democrat is working with other dynamic candidates up and down the ballot this year. Today I was honored to support Omar Kadir's Campaign Bake-Off in Williamson County, benefitting Omar's campaign for county treasurer, along with John Bucy III for State Representative, Hilda Montgomery, Round Rock City Council, Kim Collins Gilby, Blane Blane Conklin, and many more Wilco leaders and activists.

Williamson County is just north of the Texas 10th (it was part of the District in previous gerrymanders), but even though these folks are not my voters, we are all in this together. Every new voter we turn out in Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Taylor is another voter for our state and federal candidates, for Beto and Kim Olson and Justin Nelson and Lupe.