Kerri Asbury

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Kerri Asbury

Standing for AD 8

In 2019 Kerri Asbury stood from AD 8 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

I ran for an ADEM delegate spot for the first time in 2007 in what was then AD5. I have served as a delegate every year starting in 2007 as either an ADEM or county party delegate. I stay for the whole convention, casting my votes and serving out my responsibility. For many years I also served as an E-Board rep. I served on the Platform Committee for two cycles. I served as the chair of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County for three terms beginning in 2011. I am excited to return to ADEM and be a delegate as the CDP evolves through the recent and upcoming changes, and continues to lead the way in the work for healthcare for all. As a special education teacher, and proud member of California Teachers Association, high quality and accessible public education is also a passion of mine. I hope to earn your vote and look forward to representing the 8th Assembly District.[1]

"Progressive" Kimberly Ellis supporters

Andrew Scot Becker May 20, 2017:


✊✊✊ #KimberlyIsWithUs ✊✊✊ — with Terry Schanz, Orlando Fuentes, Alan Haffa, Kimberly Ellis, Maria Estrada, Kerri Asbury, Andres Ramos, Eric Sunderland, Phillip Kim, Derek S. Matthews, Joyce L.Childs, Alex Barrios, Karen Bernal, Amy Champ, Becky Chavez, Maria Grijalva, Brandon Harami, Amar Shergill, Kevin Lourens and Desiree Bates Rojas at Sacramento Convention Center Complex.