Kendra Streater

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Kendra Streater

Template:TOCnestleft Kendra Streater is from New Haven, Connecticut


Studied at Eastern Connecticut State University

90th anniversary of the Communist Party USA/People’s World Amistad award

The diverse and inspired overflow crowd stayed to the end of the remarkable celebration of People's World Amistad Award honorees Anna Montalvo, Gwen Mills and Art Perry on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party USA, Dec. 2009. The theme of the event was "Keep the Ball win jobs with union rights, health care, peace and equality!" Unity and struggle were the messages of the day.

Everyone was thrilled by Aishah Jenkins and Kendra Streater two high school students who performed "Stand by Me" with piano and bass accompaniment.

Joelle Fishman presented the afternoon's call to action for organizing the unorganized, building even bigger grass roots mobilization on the issues including health care, no troops to Afghanistan, public works job creation and the employee free choice act. She presented certificates of appreciation to Dorothy Johnson and Brian Steinberg for their tireless work over many years delivering the People's Weekly World to workers' homes and getting them involved in the struggle.

Applause greeted the announcement that the People's World now daily on-line will have a mini Connecticut print edition as of January, when the national print edition ends.

The 90th anniversary of the Communist Party proud was done proud![1]

New Haven People's Center

On August 6, 2010, Inez Bell and Kendra Streater spoke at an event entitled "The Truth About Youth - We're the Working Class Too". The event was hosted by Baub Bidon.[2]

People’s World 37th Annual African American History Month Celebration

"A New Generation of Dreamers - Freedom Rides Yesterday - Freedom Rides Today" was held at the New Haven People's Center Sunday, February 27 2011.

Our 37th Annual African American History Month Celebration takes place 50 years after the Freedom Rides by young people who traveled from the North to desegregate the South. They were beaten and jailed but they did not turn back. Their courage helped win passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts. Today we face new challenges of racism and violence and a new movement for equality and social justice is coming forward. "A New Generation of Dreamers. Freedom Rides Yesterday - Freedom Rides Today" is the theme of this year's celebration hosted by the People's World.

A panel discussion featured Lula White, a retired New Haven teacher, who participated in the Freedom Rides from Chicago while attending college; New Haven high school student Kendra Streater and Hartford high school student Vyctoria Viera, immigrant rights activist and union leader Ricardo Heriquez and State Representative Gary Holder-Winfield.

Prizes and recognition certificates were awarded to participants in the high school arts and writing competition, "How can we build on The Dream for ourselves and the next generation?"

Drumming was e performed by Brian Jarawa Gray.

This event marks the opening of the 2011 People's World fund drive in Connecticut. Your contribution toward the $2,000 goal for this event and your free subscription to the daily on-line format at will be an excellent way to keep up to date with the latest developments and opinions in the struggle for equality, worker's rights and democratic rights, peace and social change. [3]