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Ken Douglas

Kenneth George (Ken) Douglas.. is a New Zealand activist and former union leader.


Douglas was educated at Wellington College.

"I'm redder in my politics than I've ever been"

Ken Douglas 2007:

"I'm redder in my politics than I've ever been. I'm a socialist. I try to analyse things from a Marxist understanding and to be clear about what you can and can't change.

"The priority is to influence the things that we can change ourselves - a slave can't stop being a slave until they stop thinking that they're a slave. Our imprisonment comes from our own brains and so the more you can invest in people to be active and energetic about their concerns, the more you're empowering them to be real contributors to growing our economy and our society."[1]


During the 1980s Douglas visited the Wellington Soviet Embassy almost weekly for "consultations". Fluent in Russian.

Last SUP Central Committee meeting before split

Wellington March 1990.


Back Joe Tepania, Dave Arthur, Alan Ware, Ken Douglas, Graeme Whimp, Richie Gillespie, Doug McCallum, Jan Farr, Joe Tonner.

Front row Frank McNulty, Jack Marston, Marilyn Tucker, Robin Tate, Bruce Skilton, George Jackson, Bill Andersen.

Citizens All Black Tour Association

1959-60 - a leading member of the Citizens All Black Tour Association.

Citizens All Black Tour Association (CABTA) was formed in September 1959 “to combat racial discrimination in the selection of the 1960 rugby team to tour South Africa…”

The Communist Party of New Zealand was not just part of the mix, it was the driving force behind the campaign.

At least six members of the Auckland CABTA executive were CPNZ members or sympathisers and in Wellington, comrades Paul Potiki, Chip Bailey and a young Ken Douglas did much of the donkey work.

In fact, it was the CABTA campaign which convinced Ken Douglas to actually commit himself to the Party.

Communist Party

1960 - Douglas became a member of the Communist Party of New Zealand.

1962 - a leading member of the Communist Party Drivers' "fraction".

1963 - Elected to Wellington District Committee of the CPNZ. Elected to the management committee of the Wellington Trades Council, with E. G. Thompson. [2]


1966 - foundation member of the Socialist Unity Party after split from CPNZ. Sec. Wellington Drivers Union.

1966 Oct. 1-2, elected onto national committee of SUP as Wellington secretary at its founding conference.

1971 - Chairman Wellington branch of SUP until this year. Continued his close liaison with Soviet legation, his main contact being A.P. Krikunov.[3]

1972 - stood for SUP in Porirua for general election.[4]

1975 - Porirua candidate for SUP at election.

1978 - stood as SUP candidate for Porirua at General Election.

1980 - Secretary FOL, Pres Drivers Fed. On list of 32 SUP members active in the union movement, released by PM Muldoon. [5]

1985, June 10, wrote article in Tribune. "Historically we live in the period of transition from the economic system of capitalism to socialism on a world scale."

1988 "KD" on proposed membership list SUP .Industrial Commission. [6]

1988? On Central Committee SUP. [7]

1986-88 Chairman SUP.

1991 Sept 23, PV analysed the SUP. Stated Douglas gets over $60,000 a year as CTU Pres. Marilyn Tucker shares Ken's home. Head of the Finance commission of the SUP Central Committee.

1999 still in SUP, stepping down as Pres of CTU.[8]

24th October 2005 - interviewed on RNZ for Labour Day spoke of SUP as if it still existed.

"Peace" activism

Early '60s, attended many CND meetings with George Goddard and Nancy Goddard as unionists, Trades Council met with CND at Friends House to organise opposition to the Vietnam war, one demo led by CND, Douglas covered his face while marchers abused so public couldn’t see him. [9]

1964 - attended World Conference Against Atomic & Hydrogen Bombs in Japan , CND.

1968 - attended Peace, Power and Politics.[10]

1971, a national sponsor for the July 30 Mobilisation against the Vietnam war through his secretary-ship of the Wgtn Transport & Related Industries Motor & Horse Drivers' & Their Assistants' Industrial Union of Workers.

1971 - letter under the New Zealand Anti-war Mobilisation letterhead urging people to support the April 30 mobe.

1973, June 9-14, represented the SUP at a conference with the central committee of the French Communist Party and representatives from the French Socialist Party in Paris, opposing Pacific nuclear testing.

1973, July 13, spoke at forum at Canterbury University after recently returning from France where he talked with the French Communist Party about French nuclear testing. SUP was producing a booklet about the French Bomb Tests. [11]

1978 - chaired meeting to set up New Zealand Council for World Peace in Wellington, SUP got most places on committee. [12]

7th May, 1980 - one of 24 who tttended meeting at Old Town Hall Wellington to form a national committee for NZCWP.[13]

1981 - with John Halfpenny gave initiative to concerted campaign against French nuclear tests thru Pacific Trade Union Forum [14]

1981 May, represented NZ at first Pacific Trade Union Forum in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Tribune 20 April Page 10: "One of the Forum's aims is to achieve a nuclear-free Pacific and particularly to work for the banning of nuclear weapons testing and dumping of nuclear waste. Other stated aims connected with the peace question are to raise public opposition to nuclear vessels and bases, uranium mining, storage and transport."

1982, March, vice-president New Zealand Council for World Peace.

1985 - attended International Peace Conference in Sydney with Bill Andersen. [15]

1194 - became patron of Peace Council of Aotearoa New Zealand.

June 1995 - Guest speaker at Wellington conference of Peace Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, told audience he was current president Asia Pacific ICFTU, arranged to have ICFTU protests against French tests in France. [16]

Anti SIS

1976, 1 of a number of signers of a petition initiated by Socialist Action League calling for a public enquiry into CIA & SIS in NZ. [17]

1977 Oct. 14, WTC secretary, addressed ~12000 at Wellington rally against SIS Bill. [18]

SIS target

1984 - article in Dominion 26.3.84, alleging 2 former SIS agents claimed that SIS had been spying on Ken Douglas and Lindsay Taiaroa, University Vice Chancellors office executive officer

28th Nov. 2004 - former union leader Ken Douglas, now a board member of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, was named in an earlier list by Muldoon. He says he was a member of the Communist Party, and later the Socialist Unity Party and was relaxed about being under SIS surveillance. "I did get some sense of personal security. I knew I would probably never fall over and break my leg and be left alone on the sidewalk," he said.[19]

Union career

1966 March, first issue of Tribune noted that he returned to full time duties as Union Secretary after going back driving for a month.

1969 - Elected vice-president of the NZ Drivers' Federation and member of the National eouncil.

1973 Wellington Drivers Union official.

1973 - March, Presented evidence on behalf of the Wellington Road Transport Division to the Labour Bills Committee of Parliament on the right to strike.

1973 - at FOL National Executive elections highest unsuccessful candidate with 178 votes, 30 more than last year.

1975 - elected Secretary/Treasurer of Wellington Trades Council.[20]

1977 - became National President of NZ Drivers Federation.

1978 May, elected to executive of FOL at national conference (as were Sonja Davies and Wes Cameron).

1980-87 Secretary of FOL until its dissolution for new CTU. The real boss of the FOL during this time.

1987 Nov. 24, on opening new Trade Union Education Centre in Hamilton he said trade unions could defy the new labour laws and the Labour Court if they were continually abused by employers. Employers had got a series of injunctions against proposed strikes and he said the response to these could be retaliation in the form of defiance of the law. Commented on 14.7% wage rise gained by drivers in previous week.

1987 Dec., CTU estimated to have initial membership of 530-600,000 comprising 70 unions. Interim FOL-CTU org will charge affiliates $5 a head until April 1. From then CTU affiliates will be levied $4 a head 1st year & $4.40 the following. [21]

1987-88, president of new CTU with a salary of $52,000.

1988 Oct. 21, addressed union meeting of around 12,000 Auckland workers at Mt Smart stadium in Auckland, in capacity as CTU president. Meeting chaired by Bill Andersen. NOTE: has weekly meetings with a range of cabinet ministers, including Deputy PM.

1989 July 3-5, main convention speaker at 1st delegates convention of Northern Distribution Union.[22]

1989 - executive member national CTU.

1989, Sept. 18, wrote article in Tribune "CTU first conference: Which way forward?".

1989, Oct .2, wrote article in Tribune ""Clarity and Maturity" at CTU Conference".

1989, June 12, wrote letter to Tribune entitled "New Times need New Thinking". "New times require new thinking. Recognising the enemy is as crucial today as ever."

1990, May 7, wrote article in Tribune "Meatworkers win protections and support", on the Alliance and AFFCO's struggle with the militant unions.

1990 July 16, wrote articles in Tribune, "Should we oppose foreign capital?", and " CER and the unions - are we ready?"

1991, April 8, wrote article in Tribune "Lunacy of New Labour Laws" on the ECA. Photographed with grandchildren Tama, Henare and Marina.

1991, April 22, Trib wrote article about the Ferry strike about the ECA. Douglas stated in Tribune: "The cause of the Cook Strait ferry dispute lies with the Govt itself... "It is a matter of record that the Seafarers' Union were committed to and were constructively participating in an Industry Review Committee directed to achieving reform."

1991, May, PV (20 May) stated that he said just before the ECA was passed: "If we have to break the law, certainly Ken Douglas is going to encourage people, and I hope the CTU is going to encourage a lot more people, to not allow an abuse of the rights this legislation gives employers..."

1992 CTU President.

Aug. 1994 - elected President of the Asia Pacific regional organisation of ICFTU which comprises 40 national trade union organisations in 28 countries. [23]

1997 - headed ICFTU delegation to China aimed at cementing links to Chinese Government and unions.


1986-87 member of Trade Union Education Authority, nominated by central organisation of workers and the CSU. Authority set up in August 1986 by the Union Representatives Education Leave Act which forces employers to give union delegates up to 5 days paid leave a year to attend training courses organized by the authority.

Reserve Bank

1986 - after Government M.P.s cleared his nomination as a director to the Reserve Bank, he baulked at taking the position: "Mr Douglas last night told Radio NZ he had not accepted the position". He later refused to comment on the denial.[24]

Capital Gains Tax

1987 Oct., publicly endorsed, along with CSU secretary Colin Clark, a combined FOL-CSU discussion paper "Taxing Capital Gains" which urged govt to introduce a capital gains tax as soon as possible.


1970 - April 3, F. Tristram wrote report in Socialist Action (p6) on Wellington March 22 Lenin Centennial symposium. Speakers were Les Barber, George Goddard, Ken Douglas & A. Levett.

1973, July 13, addressed meeting of Christchurch Socialist Club.

1978, June 9, named by National MP Ken Comber as 1 of the communists involved in Bastion Point march in Wellington that night [25].

International travel/solidarity

1964 - visited China as a guest of the Chinese Communist Party, met Mao. [26]

1970 - represented Wellington Drivers Union at WFTU conference in Prague, then the XIXth Congress of Communist Party of France, then to the Soviet Union on the invitation of the CPSU.

1970, April 17, Interviewed Roscoe Proctor of CPUSA in Tribune 47 on the Black Panther Movement: Met him at French Party conference.

1973 June, article (not written by Ken) on Trade with Socialist countries. Quote: "New Zealand has just got to face up to seeking new markets in the socialist world for butter and other dairy products. It has no alternative."

1973, November 6, was with delegation organized by Brigid Mulrennan (NZCJLAPP) to the secretary of Foreign Affairs asking for assistance for Chilean victims [27]

1973 Oct. 19, Keith Locke wrote article for Socialist Action: K. Dawson (Committee Against Repression in France) & Hector MacNeill (Interim Committee to Defend the Communist League) present an open letter to French embassy Oct. 5 protesting Pompidou's banning of the "Communist League." (Jun 28). Other signators were Con Devitt, Ken Douglas & Brian Edwards.

1978 Sept. 11, addressed meeting in Wellington Town Hall organized byNew Zealand Committee of Solidarity with the People of Chile.

1977 - in SUP delegation visiting Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic. Went with Bruce Skilton and George Jackson and Rene Jackson. [28]

1982 - led an FOL delegation to the WFTU 10th Congress in Cuba, along with Larry Sutherland, Paul Piesse and Gus Ricketts. Among the speakers was Fidel Castro.. Before Cuba, the delegation spent a few days in Moscow and Leningrad.[29]

1983, Oct. 28, addressed Auckland demo QE Square against US invasion of Grenada. [30]

1984 April 8th, attended meeting in Auckland celebrating 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between NZ and Soviet Union, organized by NZ-USSR Friendship Society. Reps from Soviet embassy, Labour MP Eddie Isbey, Mayor of Mt Eden Philippa Cunningham, SUP's Barbara Stewart, Auckland Trades Council secretary Frank Clarke and Thelma Clarke were there.

1984. December, represented SUP at World Marxist Review conference, the biennial review of the work of this important journal of the International Communist Movement. Accompanied by Bruce Skilton.

1985, wrote article in the monthly journal of WFTU expressing pessimism on economic outlook and criticising union moderates and the Lange Government.

1985 December-1986 January, went to Soviet Union for 2 months sick leave - will have minor stomach surgery in Moscow.

1985 Feb., helped organise WFTU-sponsored trade union conference in New Delhi. Tony Neary said in his Red Orchestra speech: "There is little doubt about the purpose of the New Delhi meeting - it was organized by Ken Douglas and four fellow communists from the Soviet Union, Australia, India & Japan. All its resolutions parroted Soviet policy."

1987 July 7-9, attended with Marilyn Tucker the meeting of Asian Pacific region communists in Ulan Bator.

1987, a Sponsor of the Nicaragua Must Survive's South Pacific Conference for Peace and Justice in Central America

1988 June, led NZ workers delegation to ILO conference in Geneva.

1980s? Douglas became a good friend of Gennady Yannaev, head of the AUCTU and briefly, Soviet vice President. These visits continued in the post Soviet era, when he developed close links with with leading figures (some from the Soviet era) in the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia. [31]

1989, late May, Douglas pent three days in Moscow, for an International Scientific Seminar of 40 people on the experience of the working class struggle since the Second International. "Such an open and frank exchange of opinion between the two main trends in the working class (social democrat and Marxist) was, in itself, historical. Bringing to the surface the issues of major differences within the working class movement in order to work better in the future was stimulating and refreshing." He "presented a paper which set out a South Pacific view of solidarity actions in the region from the early maritime disputes, through the independence struggles, Vietnam, anti-apartheid, to the Nuclear Free Zone Campaigns."

1990 June 18, wrote article in Tribune on his participation at the ILO conference. Quoted Mandela in speeches he made.

1990 July 4, likened the struggle for independence in Lithuania to the struggle for "independence" in Quebec by separatist French in article "Secession: Lithuania - Quebec Different Problems or Double Standards". Wrote article "Capital's rape of environment a problem for workers".

1990, just before elections, Jim Bolger accused Douglas of passing information to Moscow, TVNZ or TV3 did a spoof on it & filmed inside the Soviet Info office. A picture of Ken Douglas hung on wall.

1991, June, in Soviet Union, met new president. [32].

1991, Aug 19, interviewed on TV1 about events in USSR.

Exploiting Ernie Abbott murder

Within 30 mins of Ernie Abbott's bomb murder, Douglas attended a meeting in a hotel room in Wellington (later CTU headquarters) no bed in room, seemed to be pre-planned. Meeting didn't discuss who was to blame, only how to take propaganda advantage of the killing. It was decided to blame "right wing" anti-union elements. In order to unify the labour movement & increase Labour's election chances. Present were Rob Campbell, Ken Douglas, Rex Jones, Richie Gillespie, John Van de Ven & possibly Steve O'Reilly.

Pro Labour

1987 Nov. 18, article in Tribune on Douglas. speech to the Labour Party conference. Extract: "For our part, we seek not recrimination of the past, but to create the conditions wherein Labour is the natural government of this country."


In 1989 Labour official Ruth Dyson was pictured in Soviet News November 9, with SUP leader Ken Douglas, and delegation of 2 Soviets ( N B Bidekin, Editor in chief of CPSUs theoreticl journal Kommunist, and V. P. Kudenov an official of the International Department Central Committee of the CPSU, visiting NZ to observe LP conference , Dyson led an LP delegation to the Soviet Union earlier in year at invite of the CPSU.

1990, Jan. 29, Douglas wrote article in Tribune on whether SUP should support Labour. "The debate has started over whether or not Labour should be supported and, for the Socialist Unity Party, whether or not we should stand our own candidate." "The SUP, for its part, warned of the importance of not relying on the parliamentary process and called for: a strengthening of the labour movement; a greater accountability of parliamentarians to their parties and their electorates; greater union independence and strength through membership participation." "Standing candidates for the SUP will merely be joining the chorus of protest, it will not be building the base to find solutions."

1993 - CTU seeks new framework. Labour had to do more than fiddle with current government policies of it won the election, Council of Trade Unions president Ken Douglas told the party's congress yesterday. He said that there was no point trying to rewrite history; the special relationship between the CTU and the party had been strained during the last government because of differing values. But Mr Douglas said the CTU was adamant it would try to create a new public consensus around a different framework of economic and social management. "We do not see much virtue in better management of the existing policy framework by nicer people."....

Fiji solidarity

1988, May 13, Speaker at rally in Aotea square on Democracy for Fiji.

1989, Oct. 6, rededicated the Fiji Trade Union Centre in Suva, after an arson attack on it in 1987. A member of an ICFTU mission to Fiji to investigate events there. "Although the ICFTU mission, of which Ken Douglas was a member, found some things to be optimistic about on the Trade Union front, attacks on unions are far from over." [33]

1990, May 20, A speaker at a Seminar in Wellington, organized by the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji, on present day Fiji. He had recently returned from talks in Fiji. Advertised in Tribune, 7 May.


1987 Dec. 10, called on government to consult unions urgently on its programme of economic change, saying unions wanted to help develop an economic package that created confidence for the future.

1988, Sept. 5, moved (seconded by Don Farr) at a specially called CTU exec meeting "that the National Executive resolve to take appropriate initiatives to work with the Government and employers to identify the principles of an approach towards management of economic change and industry restructuring..." This motion was carried, and opened the way for a tripartitie deal between Government, Unions and Business to be proposed at the Labour Party conference the next day.[34]

1988, Nov. 26-27, spent weekend with Deputy Minister of Finance Mike Moore in Christchurch, who has been charged with making a compact with unions. They agreed to have a compact up & running between the government and the CTU by Sept. 1989.

1988 Dec. 2, uses official CTU letterhead to circulate pro-compact theories of Soviet Ideologue Dr. Yuri Krasin which was first published in the Soviet magazine Kommunist. [35]

1989, 25th Jan., attended a 5 hour meeting with American union leader Sheldon Friedman, Mike Moore, Business Roundtable executive director Roger Kerr, and other invited persons on the compact.[36]

1989, March 29, Press reported that Douglas had been quoted in Tribune as writing that the compact was a "tool to enable the working class to take a leading position." "The compact is not just for the trade union movement. It is a weapon for the whole class."

1989, May 4, Publicly praised "the more responsible elements of the Business Roundtable". [37]

1989 - member NZCTU Compact Working Group. [38]

1989 "The Compact proposal was initiated within the CTU by leading members of the NZ SUP like Ken Douglas, Bill Andersen & Alan Ware." [39]

1990, Feb. 12, wrote article in Tribune "Unions Look out! Here come Ruth and Jim and Winston and..." Wrote article "The Compact: Today's method of struggle".

1990, March 26, wrote article in Tribune "A Compact means ACTION!", on the compact and its ramification for workers. Interviewed by Tribune is separate article "Our changes or theirs?" on the compact.

1990, Sept 26, wrote article in Tribune, "CTU affiliates endorse growth agreement".

Workplace Reform

1992, Graeme Clarke writing in Labour Notes No 7 said "I have heard Ken Douglas & Rex Jones say that Workplace reform is the end of Fordism"

Sept. 92, attended Rotorua "Workplace Reform" conference, gave key note speech, lamented "inability of management & labour to find mutual interest".[40]


1989 - Signed Electoral Reform Coalition sponsored ad in Dominion, supporting PR.

14.9.1192 Signatory to ERC sponsored Ad in Evening Post, promoting MMP.

Maori sovereignty

1995 - the CTU has unanimouusly passed a remit proposed by the NDU, calling for the CTU to identify with the struggle for Maori rights and sovereignty. Ken Douglas, Pres of CTU, stated that it "strongly identifies" with and supports Maori Sovereignty, the developing Maori economy, the Treaty of Waitangi process, and greater support for Maori in union negotiating processes. [41]

NZ Post

2001 - on board of NZ Post

Air NZ

Circa 2002 - appointed to the Board of Air NZ.


2002 - Patrons of OXFAM are Dame Silvia Cartwright, Sonja Davies, Dame Miriam Dell, Ken Douglas, Sir Randal Elliott, Hon. George Gair, Sir Edmund Hillary, Keri Hulme, Chris Laidlaw, Rt Hon David Lange CH, Maurice Shadbolt, Jack Shallcrass, Dame Catherine Tizard, Dr. Ranginui Walker, Dr. Marilyn Waring.

NZ Committee to Free the Cuban Five

Circa 2009, the list of Initiating Members and Supporters of the New Zealand Committee to Free the Cuban Five, included Ken Douglas, Councillor, former president of the NZCTU.[42]

US Embassy letter/Cuban 5

On 6 April 2009 US Embassy in Wellington refused to accept a hand delivered letter from MPs, City Councillors, trade unionists, church leaders,academics and other New Zealanders calling on the US Government not to oppose the petition to the US Supreme Court for the release of the Cuban 5.

An attempt to deliver the letter was made by Wellington City Councillor, Ray Ahipene-Mercer and Secretary of the Weliington Cuba Friendship Society Gillian Magee but US Embassy Guards said they would not accept a hand delivered letter.[43]

Dear Attorney General Holder
We, the undersigned New Zealanders are writing this letter to you on the eve of the US Government submitting a brief in response to the 30 January 09 petition to the Supreme Court and the twelve separate amicus curiae briefs that were filed in the US Supreme Court on 6 March 2009 regarding the unjust incarceration of five Cuban citizens - Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, René González Sehweret, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez and Fernando González Llort - known as the Cuban 5.
We urge the United States Government to acknowledge that a complete miscarriage of justice has taken place regarding the Cuban 5 and to support, rather than oppose, a review of the conviction by the Supreme Court. We urge you to immediately release the Cuban 5.

Signatories included; Ken Douglas, Porirua City Councillor.

Meeting Cuban Ambassador

February 6, 2012.- As part of activities organized to celebrate "Waitangi Day", Ambassador of Cuba, Maria del Carmen Herrera Caseiro, participated, along with the rest of the Heads of Missions accredited to this country on a visit to New Zealand city of Porirua. The occasion was appropriated for exchanging with the Mayor of the City, Mr. Nick Leggett, and other members of City Council. In the conversation with the Cuban diplomat, the Mayor and the Councilor, Mr. Ken Douglas, invited her to visit the city on another occasion to show more broadly the region and its main historic sights, cultural and socio-economic development. [44]


First Appointed to the board of Air NZ- 27 February 2002

Mr Ken Douglas was formerly President of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions and National Secretary of the New Zealand Federation of Labour. He is a Director of New Zealand Post, a Member of the Trade Development Board, a Trustee and Member of the Asia 2000 Foundation, and Chair of the Board of Instep - Drug and Alcohol Education Programmes. Mr Douglas is a Porirua City Councillor and a member of the Department of Corrections Advisory Committee on Inmate Employment and the Multi Party Employment Task Force. He has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Law degree by the Victoria University of Wellington.

In 2004 Douglas was a successful District Health Board candidate; - Ken Douglas Capital & Coast District Health Board Affiliation: Labour Statement:

As a life long Trade Unionist, I am standing on the Labour Ticket. The changes driven by the Government to dramatically improve the quality of Health delivery need to be consolidated. We urgently need structured workforce development. Our family are fourth generation residents of Titahi Bay. I have lived and worked all of my life in the Wellington Region. Over the last six years I have been an elected member of the Porirua City Council and have been a Director of several of New Zealand's largest companies, and currently Chair Positively Wellington Business. My Governance experience with a strong awareness of community needs are the specific skills I will bring to the Board. Our Board has given a good foundation for significant progress in the next three years. I look forward to becoming part of the team that will deliver that progress. Kia Kaha, Ken Douglas.

No "conflict of interest":

To the best of my knowledge, I have no direct conflicts of interest with the following directorship. The following is a list of the organisations I am currently involved with: Air NZ Ltd - Director; NZ Post Ltd - Deputy Chair; Instep Ltd - Chair; Positively Wellington Business - Chair; Healthcare NZ Ltd - Director; Ronald McDonald House Trust - Board member; and NZ Trade and Enterprise Board - Director. At the time of nomination I was an elected member of the Porirua City Council and the Porirua Licensing Trust and have nominated for re-election to both positions.

My partner, Marilyn Gay Tucker is a pharmacist and is employed by the Wellington Independent Practitioners Association (WIPA) and Karori Independent Practitioners Association as the manager of the Medication Review Services for those organisations. I do not consider that I have any material benefit arising from these positions and any business relationship either now or in the future with Capital & Coast District Health Board.


Douglas has been a member of Porirua City Council since 1998 - representing Labour after joining the party in time for the 2004 local body elections - and has been on the Porirua Licensing Trust since 2001.

He was elected to the Capital and Coast District Health Board in 2004, and is on numerous other boards, including those of Air New Zealand, New Zealand Post and the New Zealand Rugby Union.

Labour Party

On 21 March 2013, Waikanae Branch of the Labour Party, started the ball rolling for 2013 when it hosted a public meeting, Local Government Amalgamation: "Yes" or "No" for Kāpiti?. Speakers for this meeting were Ken Douglas (Chair, Local Government Working Group), Nigel Wilson (Kapiti representative, GWRC), Nick Leggett (Porirua Mayor) & Jenny Rowan (Kāpiti Mayor). [45]



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