Katie Quan

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Katie Quan

Katie Quan works at UC Berkeley Labor Center. Lives in Richmond, California.


Studied at UC Berkeley.

Chinese CLUW

The 1995 photo of the ILGWU Chinese Coalition of Labor Union Women 10th Anniversary Group ncludes Shui Ying Yan, Ying Ya Tsai, Cindy Sai Leung, Betty Leung, Jenny Shig Jing Ng, Alice Ip, Edgar Romney, Katie Quan, Shui Mak Ka, Doris Kee, Shun Nan Young, Sau King Chew, Ying Fong Chan, Wai Chun Ng, Lana Cheung, Ching Hang Lee, Ying Yi Deng, Kuen Li, Yuk Lin Sun, Yook Chee Hom, Anita Sheung Ngor Leung, Miu Shun Chan, Kam Fan Li, May Chen, Anges Wong, Connie Ling, Yim Un Chan, Mei Yung Liew, Lai Fong Leung, Chung Ng, Mei Yin Tsang.[1]

Center for Political Education

In 1998 the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism linked organization, the Center for Political Education hosted a forum entitled "The Workplace as a Site of Social Struggle: 1960’s and 1990’s". The inter-generational dialogue featured the following speakers:

Leo Robinson, International Longshore and Warehouse Union; Katie Quan, Vice President of International Ladies Garment Worker's Union; Frank del Campo, 25 year veteran of labor/community/Latino organizing; Margy Wilkinson, activist and officer of AFSCME; Nato Green, organizer, UFCW campaign; Joy Enomoto, temp workers organizer, Steve Williams, co-director of POWER; and Bharati Narumanchi, student organizer at San Francisco City College; moderated by Lillian Galedo, Filipinos for Affirmative Action.[2]

How Class Works

At the How Class Works - 2002 Conference, panels included; 5.0 Class in a Global Economy

Lui Cheng 2007 American tour

The American Center for International Labor Solidarity and the National Labor College recently hosted Professor Liu Cheng for Shanghai Normal University to discuss the evolution of the new draft contract labor law in China. Cheng’s visit to the NLC on March 27th was the culmination of a multi-state tour meeting with union leaders and members of Congress.

For the report by Global Labor Strategies analyzing the impact of transnational corporations on the first draft of the Contract Law go to: UNDUE INFLUENCE: Corporation Gain Ground in Battle Over Chinas New Labor Law

Liu Cheng's tour included nearly 45 events over 17 days, in the Bay Area, Boston, Amherst, New York and Washington DC. A partial list of the many sponsoring organizations, and their key contact, includes:

  • UC Berkeley Institute for Industrial Relations, Berkeley - Katie Quan.

Left Forum 2008

A Labor Movement For the 21st Century:

What kind of labor movement is needed to deal with 21st century conditions of globalization, labor migration, widespread unemployment and a huge but largely unorganized service sector; and how do womenís rights and workersí rights, workplace issues and community issues, come together to build this kind of movement?

New Labor Forum

New Labor Forum is published by Center for Labor, Community, and Policy Studies, Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education & Labor Studies.

Editorial Board members listed, as of March 2013; were;[4] Elaine Bernard, Ron Blackwell, Barbara Bowen, Kate Bronfenbrenner, Arthur Cheliotes, Mike Davis, Amy Dean, Steve Early, Hector Figueroa, Janice Fine, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Juan Gonzalez, Marie Gottschalk, Gerald Hudson, Lisa Jordan, Tom Juravich, Robin D G Kelley, Jose LaLuz, Nelson Lichtenstein, Manning Marable, Ruth Needleman, Ai-jen Poo, Katie Quan, Adolph Reed, Daisy Rooks, Andrew Ross, Kent Wong.