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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson (UK) is Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament General Secretary since September 2010, having previously been Chair of the campaign since 2003.[1]

No to the New Cold War

Twitter advertisement for No to the New Cold War Zoom Meeting

Kate Hudson (UK) was a featured speaker at an anti-American, pro-China event called No to the New Cold War, which is affiliated to Code Pink and the ANSWER Coalition.

From their website as of July 25 2020:[2]

"This event will see some leading analysts from China, the US, Britain, India, Russia, Canada, Venezuela and Brazil come together to discuss how to counter the New Cold War."

On being a Communist

An article from LeftUnity, a member of the Party of the European Left, profiled Kate Hudson on Jan 31, 2013:[3]


The Communist Manifesto was a revelation to me. Such clarity of thought, such principle – and such common sense. I can honestly say that since my first teenage reading of The Communist Manifesto, I have never looked back. It has shaped my view of both class and party. Not only the necessary role of the working class in the universal emancipation of humanity, but the sine qua non of communists – to have no interests separate and apart from those of the working class. What better call to arms against sectarianism than that? What clearer guide to action in every political decision or dilemma?
My father’s other political gift was to help me understand that the real driver for change was love of humanity not class hatred. For many years as a child, this was literally conveyed to me in a completely visual way. On a poster on my father’s bathroom wall, was a photograph of Che Guevara with his simplest yet most profound statement: ‘Let me say, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love’.

Joining the Party

So it was that when I went to university in 1977, the first thing I wanted to do was join the Communist Party. I’d already had some exposure to it at school – a friend’s parents were members and I had read the Morning Star and been to a Party event. This was a celebration of the 59th anniversary of the Russian Revolution held at Wimbledon Town Hall, featuring Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight – a popular dance band that quite extraordinarily enhanced the mystique of the communists for a seventeen year-old schoolgirl. My attempts to belong now hit the first hurdle. When I entered the freshers’ fayre in my first year at university, the Communist Society stall was staffed by rather older sophisticated students talking amongst themselves. I was much too shy to make the approach. A moment later I passed the Labour Club stall, where a friendly young woman pressed me into not-totally unwilling membership. After all, although Labour was not my goal, nevertheless it was safe, it was family.

Signatory for the 'Stop Trump Coalition'

Kate Hudson (UK) signed a letter posted at The Guardian on February 1 2017[4] from the Stop Trump Coalition, "a coalition of organisations and individuals [who] joined forces to protest against Donald Trump’s planned visit to the UK."[5],[6]

The letter read, in part:

"We write to impress upon Theresa May and her government our opposition to US President Donald Trump being accorded a state visit or any official visit to this country. The US population has suffered more than a decade and a half of a fall in incomes, but billionaire Trump offers no solution to this problem.
"Racism, sexism, misogyny, Islamophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, war mongering, climate change denial or policies designed to boost the wealth of the already super-rich should not be rewarded or celebrated in this country.

Fasting against “Star Wars”

In 2008 , Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space promoted a June 22 “Global day of fasting to Stop Star Wars”.

The global day of fasting to Stop Star Wars on June 22 is one important way for the public to become involved in this debate. All over the world the U.S. is dragging the "allies" into Star Wars and active resistance to the insanity of an arms race in space is growing.

Included on the “fast’ list was Kate Hudson of London, England.[7]

People's Climate March endorsements

According to their website:[8]

"Here are some of the leading artists, athletes and influencers helping to spread the word about the People's Climate March, including Kate Hudson."