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Left Unity slate


June 6 2019:

Dearest Comrades,

We are writing this letter to hopefully provide some useful context around the leadership elections for Philly DSA. We are a group of comrades who have a diverse set of experiences with other chapters who have moved to Philadelphia under the tenure of the current chapter leadership. We would like to share our perspective on what we see as a critical choice facing Philly DSA...

We believe that only a unified left can win the fight for socialism. Philly DSA cannot effectively contribute to this fight if it continues to hemorrhage talented organizers who aren’t willing to be unquestioning footsoldiers for Momentum’s narrow political vision. We specifically joined DSA because it was not a “line” organization in the style of Trostkyist or Leninist left groups, but rather, a big tent where people were able to work across difference and learn from each others’ political traditions. We want Philly DSA to win the same victories that other chapters have won nationally, and we believe that a change in leadership is the only way that this will happen.

We hope you consider voting for the Left Unity slate, which is full of talented and committed organizers with a diverse set of experiences and a vision for the local that aligns with what we consider the best aspects of DSA.

In Solidarity,